10 Latest Malware Threats & Virus in 2021

10 latest malware threats and virus

With the increasing use of the internet, the risk of getting a virus or malware has increased a lot. With the increase in cybercrime, people are getting more aware of the importance of their data.

Cybercrime is not a new technique to steal data from the users. If you are not adequately protected, then you are at high risk of losing your important data and becoming a victim of malware and virus attacks.

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These attacks are used to steal your valuable data like bank details, id cards, personal photos and many more. With the help of data, a hacker can get access to your data and use it.

To protect yourself from these viruses and malware, you must know about them. Given below are the 10 Latest Virus & Malware Threats in 2020.

Clop Ransomeware

In this type of malware, the attacker locks your files until you pay ransom to him. It is a newly developed and dangerous malware threat. It is derived from the family of Cryptomix ransomware, which mostly attacks Windows users.

Before the process of encryption is begun, this malware blocks over 500 windows process and disable windows defender leaving you with no option to save your data.

This malware has evolved can attack the entire network leaving you no choice but to pay the ransom to the attackers.

Artificial Intelligence Attacks

artificial intelligence attacksWith the increase in tools available for the developers who programs AI scripts and software, hackers use this opportunity to carry out cyberattacks.

Although many cybersecurity companies machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm to protect their users from these types of cyberattacks, these types of algorithms can also be used to hack into devices and networks on a large scale.

These types of attacks require a lot of resources and time. With the advancement in artificial intelligence and ML, we can only expect these viruses and malware to get highly advanced and destructive.

News Malware Attacks

Most of the time, these cyber attackers use news stories and global events to hack people with malware. The latest example is hackers using the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to target attacks. Cybercriminals send Email containing information regarding COVID-19 which seems legit.

These emails are designed in such a way that readers are prompted to click on the link, but these links contain malware which copies the files from the user device to the hacker’s computer stealing your personal information.

Fake Windows Updates

fake windows updatesHackers are sending emails that instruct users to upgrade or install the newer version of Windows OS. These emails trick users into installing some random malware files.

These types of files contain ransomware name as a cyborg. It encrypts all of your data and asks for money in order to decrypt these files. Many email providers and antivirus software are not able to detect these emails.

This is one of the reasons why one must be using good antivirus software which protects your computer internet security.


Cryptojacking malware uses a person’s computer power to help the attacker to mine the cryptocurrency like bitcoin. The mining of cryptocurrency requires a huge amount of computing powers to generate new cryptocurrency.

This is one of the reasons why cyber attackers try to install these types of crypto-jacking malware into victims’ devices which helps the attacker mine coins. Due to a sharp fall in the value of cryptocurrency, the number of these attacks has been reduced significantly.

Zeus Gameover

zeus gameoverZeus Gameover malware is derived from the Zeus family of malware. This is a type of Trojan malware which access your important information regarding bank details and transfer all of your funds.

It is dangerous because it does not require a particular command and control center for the completion of the transfer, which makes it untraceable.

Social Engineering

In any security protocol, the weakest links are humans. This is the main reason why hackers are turning into human psychology to access personal data.

Cybercriminals start with contacting a company or a service provider to be a specific individual. Hackers trick the customer support teams into providing sensitive data regarding the individual, which can later be used to hack into a person’s account or data.


Ransome, as a service, also known as Raas, is growing at a high pace in the underground hacker industry. Many times people who don’t have enough knowledge to carry out these attacks pay to the hacker or the team of hackers to attack their targets.

The growth of the underground hacker industry is worrying as anyone can lead to cyberattacks by just paying money to hackers.

IoT Device Attacks

With the increase in usage of the internet of things (IoT) devices in 2020 gadgets like smart speakers and smart homes security, hackers use these devices to gather information.

IOT device attacks

There are many reasons these devices are used for hacking. For one, many IoT devices do not have enough space to install proper security measures.

These gadgets store valuable data like username, passwords which can be easily accessed by the hackers and can be used to log into the user account and steal their relevant information.


These types of malware keep charging a large amount of money to the users even after these apps are deleted. According to recent studies, in the past few years, around 700 million android users have downloaded Fleeceware. These types of malware do not steal your personal data, but it’s still very common these days.

Protection Against the Latest Malware Threats

The above malware and viruses were some of the latest 2020 viruses. The list of viruses is never-ending. With each passing day, a new deadly virus enters the domain of technology.

If you are affected by one of these, then you should get a good antivirus such as Intego Mac Antivirus, Norton Security, Bitdefender, McAfee, Clean My Mac 3, Mac Booster, Airo – Antivirus for Mac, Mac Cleaner PRO and many more. Keep these viruses and malware away from your devices and shield your system.

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Author: Mark Bruno
Mark Bruno is not your typical computer geek. He has a degree in law and criminology, and always had a need for justice. Seeing how everything is getting digitalized, he decided to master cyber-security and virus protection with led him to join the LossOfPrivacy team.