10 New Server Locations Added By PIA

Private internet access which is also known as PIA is an open-source personal virtual private network service. Recently it is trying to expand the VPN network coverage with the help of the VPN Network Expansion Plan.

It is observed that from the past years the organization is receiving a frequent request of expanding the PN Network. According to the standards of the PIA network all the VPN metal servers utilize connections having a range of 10Gbit. These connections possess optimum quality and render good service.

Private Internet Access is very conscious of the security of its VPN. Therefore, it will not allow any other VPN services to work on the same server, which is used by them. Previously all the servers use to run on the same server on their respective locations. The PIA also keeps a check whether the virtual server is exhibiting a true location or not.

The VPN servers are highly secured and safe. These servers utilize the OpenVPN protocol on mobile devices and desktops. The PIA also renders its DNS so that the chances of DNS leakage are reduced. In addition to this, PIA is also comprised of the MACE feature that also helps in blocking access to various domains.

The PIA also makes sure that the VPN doesn’t keep any track record of traffic and their data. Due to this trusting the services of PIA becomes very easy and convenient. The PIA also allows its users to access the transparency report of any kind of official requests.

Private Internet Access is continuously planning to make changes in laws so that these untraceable locations can be detected. This is because previously countries like South Korea, Russia and Brazil have faced similar situations where logged out VPN servers had caused severe trouble.

In addition to this, they are also reconsidering and evaluating their present choices of data center partners. If their present partners fail to satisfy them then there are chances that the PIA will opt for new ones. According to PIA privacy is of utmost priority to them and therefore they will only use no-log VPN servers.

Private Internet Access announces ten new server locations recently

Recently the Private Internet Access has announced that the countries in which the VPN servers are rendered to users for connectivity are:

  • Bulgaria
  • Albania
  • Greece
  • Bosnia
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Slovakia
  • Moldova
  • Serbia
  • Lithuania

All the users can efficiently establish a good connection with the PIA’s VPN servers by using WireGuard which is an open-source application and clients rendered by PIA. The WireGuard is registered under the trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.

Private Internet Access also plans to reveal the location of the new ten server locations

Apart from all these, Private Internet Access has also planned to add ten latest exit gateway locations in various countries. This plan will be executed in the coming month. It is estimated that to achieve this goal PIA will require fifty servers so that the users can enjoy the good connectivity experience.

These servers will also help in diverting the traffic.

This process which is adapted by PIA will also allow the users to check the latest status update of the networks of PIA. This can be easily done by checking the network page of PIA.

The network page also allows the user to check the speed of the connection which they are receiving. Authorities of PIA told that they are grateful for the support which is rendered by their customers to them in accelerating the VPN Network Expansion Plan.

Author: Daniel Jovanovic
Daniel Jovanovic is an avid website creator who started exploring the World Wide Web as a young kid. Being still a newbie got his first project hacked, which inspired him to learn more about network protection. Now he understands internet security by heart, and this is why he is our VPN expert.