Woman banned from flying again

Last month, Tammy Banovac protested the new TSA regulations by showing up nearly naked. Now she’s being banned again.

Last month security denied her access because they said they found traces of nitrate somewhere on her body.

Now, it’s something near her bottom that is raising a red flag.

“The stated reason was there was… They were unable to clear an unusual contour of my buttocks area,” said Banovac.

Tammy wouldn’t say what the unusual contour was, but says she’s sleeping at the airport. She was told she would be allowed to board her flight home Wednesday morning.

So, if she’s been told by the TSA that she can board her flight on Wednesday morning, was there really a problem or is this a case of the TSA acting like babies and trying to teach her a lesson?

EDIT: Here are two more places you can read about this that I just found, including this quote from reddit:

Nitrates can also be found in cured meats. Playing cards, and of course medicines.

I wonder though, just how much residue of nitrates will make a plane blow up?

Author: Michael Jansen
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