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LossOfPrivacy.com is your guide for software solutions taking care of your privacy, security, and safety online. We live in a global and connected world, and there’s no coming back from that. We can’t drop it all and go live in the wild. But we don’t have to give up our privacy and expose ourselves to security threats, just to stay connected.

We at LossOfPrivacy know and realize all of that. Our project grew from personal interest to a whole network of reviewers and testers with the purpose of informing others on how to protect themselves online.

Technology evolves with each day, innovations are unstoppable, but the same applies to security threats, malicious developers, hackers, and their ‘products’. Our website is our guide in the world of tools that can help you protect your data, your privacy, your activity, and your devices from outside online threats.

What Does LossOfPrivacy Offer?

We have in place a team of professional software reviewers, tech geeks, and IT specialists that work on discovering and exploring the best software protection tools. Our focus is on reviewing and comparing various solutions available for VPN browsing, Antivirus protection, and Virus removal software, while maintaining objectivity and constantly growing our base.

In our main categories, as described here, you’ll be able to find:

  • Detailed guides on what threats your software and hardware can face, when browsing online.
  • Detailed guides on how to boost your online security, protect your personal information, and gain anonymity for your online activity.
  • Detailed instructions on how to protect yourself from malicious third-parties, when going online from your mobile devices, laptops or desktop computers.
  • Ideas, instructions, and guides on how to protect your privacy and viability of software products for free or when you’re on a budget.
  • Reviews and comparisons of the top products you can use to protect yourself.

Staying safe in this constantly connected world should be efficient but not at all costs. Good protection should not break the bank because it’s vital for everyone. We offer our objective opinion on cost-effective and working solutions.

We study Internet security daily and strive to provide you with the latest and most important information about developments in the field. Our efforts fall on summarizing and presenting information in understandable and user-friendly ways.

Our Methodology

As we mentioned, we try to find the best products in each category, constantly expanding our catalogs. We do that by following several criteria when researching any product:

  • Reliability

For us to recommend a product, it has to be approved by our team of reviewers, but to also be recognized by people as such. Does it have complaints? What issues might occur from using a certain tool? Does it provide essential features for digital protection? Literally, can you entrust it with your data, security, and online safety?

  • Compatibility & Versatility

Are the tools versatile? Are they compatible with a wide range of operating systems or would they constrain users to a single device with a specific OS? Compatibility gives users versatility and the ability to use the same tool across several devices, which would make a product cost-effective as well. This brings us to our next criteria.

  • Cost-Benefit Ratio

We always try to find those tools and solutions that would deliver excellent results but don’t cost a fortune. We find it a huge advantage if any given solution has a free version or a free trial as that gives users the chance to really test the tool and decide if it’s the right for them.

Our Goals

We already mentioned why we’re doing what we’re doing, but we haven’t had the chance to explain how we’re achieving it. It’s the support and help we receive from a very active community.

During the time we’ve managed the LossOfPrivacy projects, we’ve achieved one very important thing – to provide our services, advice, and information completely free-of-charge. Our goal is to inform users of their options on the market, and we’ll never force people into making purchases.

We aim to preserve our objectivity and independence. There might be times when we suggest that it’s better to purchase a license for a product rather than using the free or trial versions. That’s a suggestion based on our careful analyses and the conclusion that a paid version would be more beneficial for the users.

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We are thrilled to welcome you on our website as a vital part of our Internet security group. Don’t hesitate to communicate with us via our email business@lossofprivacy.com or the contact form below:

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