Best Free Antivirus Software for 2021

It is not always necessary to purchase an antivirus. While you get certain additional features like advanced firewalls, system scans, parental controls, and spam filters, the free versions are also good. These advanced features are more useful for experienced users. These days it is very easy to get a high-quality antivirus that is also free. Several of the major providers gain access to a greater number of devices and computers to collect data. That is why they seek to provide the best protection in their trial versions.

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  1. Intego Mac Antivirus – Additional Safety for Your Mac
  2. Norton Security – The Antivirus Software for Versatility
  3. BitDefender – The Efficient Antivirus
  4. Clean My Mac 3 – Free Your Mac from Unwanted Files
  5. Mac Booster – Optimizing Mac Performance at Every Level
  6. Airo – Antivirus for Mac
  7. Mac Cleaner PRO – Professional Cleaning & Security

It is also not recommended to have the Windows Defender solution as the main antivirus. So for excellent results, below we will see the best antivirus that you can find in 2021. In a few steps, your system will be much better protected. At the same time, you can avoid purchasing an antivirus that may not provide the expected functionality. To do this, pay attention to the best features of an antivirus.

Pros & Cons of Installing Antivirus on Your Device

What We Like

Good level of virus protection
Some additional functions
Overall simple operation
Recommended for beginner users
Does not affect system performance
What We Dislike

Limited advanced features
Some antivirus solutions have paid links
Technical support almost absent

How to Choose the Best Antivirus Software?

To choose a good antivirus we must consider the best features that each of them can offer. Although, generally, it is not at the same level of efficiency and quality as the rest of the competitors. However, many free editions will not offer you all the available features. Many of the available brands reserve the best to offer it for. Along with this, the lack of technical support will be noticed when you have a free antivirus.

Excellent antivirus has to offer you the ability to remove undesirable malware. It should also be a good barrier to Trojans, ransomware botnets, or any other type of undesirable program. Also, you should verify that the antivirus software you get is regularly updated. This is an important point since viruses, as well as the other undesirable programs and agents, are also updated.

A lack of updates can be a lost game. Finally, a good antivirus must offer you other additional functions such as cleaning your system. In some trial modes, this function can be accessed. Therefore, it is highly effective to eliminate all those old and useless data and files.

Top Free Antivirus Solutions in 2021

Intego Mac Antivirus – Additional Safety for Your Mac

Until ten years ago macOS was known to be completely immune to undesirable programs and viruses. However, today although a high degree of security is offered there may be some holes. Some programs such as the Transmission application or the Proton application have been known to be part of these ill-treatments. They installed a remote access Trojan to later collect and steal data.

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That is why Mac has additional protection such as the Gatekeeper function. With it, it is possible to execute a certain level of protection for example when opening a zip file. The user must confirm if they trust this source, but also the file is filtered through a protection loop. That is why this antivirus offers excellent functionality against malware programs. The firewall is integrated into the classic protection that has accompanied Mac for more than 20 years. In this way, your PC will be properly protected from internal as well as external threats.

Norton Security – The Antivirus Software for Versatility

Norton Security is probably one of the best antivirus solutions available today. In fact, in several cybersecurity tests, it has managed to face all kinds of different threats. So it is an ideal option if you want to have a single antivirus. In its free mode, it offers excellent protection against viruses, malware, and other undesirable programs. In its premium version, it can offer plenty of cloud storage space, parental controls, a password manager, and a VPN service.

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Over the years, Norton has greatly improved its antivirus software. So that in its free version you can count on excellent operation at all times. It offers a 100% protection rate against all types of malware that exist. In its free version, you will get an antivirus scanner, as well as a password manager. To get access to the rest of the functions, you must necessarily go to a payment plan. Of course, the free version will not give you 100% protection from all the evils that exist. There would be no point in paying a payment plan for Norton Security, if it did.

BitDefender – The Efficient Antivirus

When we go over testing results and feedback, it will not be hard to notice that BitDefender is one of the best antivirus software. It has an antivirus engine with an excellent level of efficiency. Therefore, defense against viruses effectively fulfills its main objective. You can get a free version to try out the great basic features it has to offer. Although the best features for payment plans are also reserved here. An example of this is the web protection module which is one of the most complete.

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Plus, it offers you online banking protection known as SafePay, a password manager, missing security patches, and a vulnerability scanner. However, it has some disadvantages to consider. One of them is that it requires more resources from your system to function. So, you will also have different additional functions. Some of them are efficient parental control, an antispam filter, a firewall, improved privacy, and an anti-webcam function. Whether you purchase the free version or the paid version, you will have appropriate protection.

In conclusion, we can mention that it is an excellent option for those beginners in the field. You can test the best features of this antivirus. After that, if you need it, you can purchase a premium version and increase the protection.

Clean My Mac 3 – Free Your Mac from Unwanted Files

You will be able to use this software to scan your Mac, and then remove the waste byte space or varied junk that accumulates over time. Therefore, files that you no longer use are identified and removed. First, you will have smart cleaning. All temporary files will be removed. This is achieved after an automatic scan that the program performs on the entire computer.

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There is also a function called maintenance. This will allow you to give a good cleaning to your privacy and thus stay protected on the internet. This also eliminates various errors from your system so that the operation will be much faster. You will have adequate monitoring of the health of the hard drive and the battery. If your Mac gets too hot, Clean My Mac 3 will be able to control it and prevent further damage.

The user interface will be one of the best aspects that you experience. This way the installation will also avoid you wasting time and energy. In a few steps, your Mac will be well protected.

Mac Booster – Optimizing Mac Performance at Every Level

In this case, it is software that offers you a set of excellent features for the operation of your Mac. Some of them are adequate and real-time protection. This type of protection manages to eliminate and block various types of viruses or malware. At the same time, your system is scanned for unnecessary files and general garbage that accumulates over time. This is an easy way to reclaim a large amount of space on your hard drive.

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At the same time, your system will be able to work at a higher speed thanks to the MacBooster. The performance of your system will be greatly increased. For this, there is not only one utility, but several utilities are available to accelerate the speed of the system. On the other hand, your Mac will be able to keep itself in excellent condition over time. This will be achieved thanks to the various useful tools included in the Mac Booster. This means that it turns out to be one of the most suitable options for the proper functioning of your Mac.

Last but not least, the user interface is highly intuitive and easy to use. Along with this, the installation will prevent you from wasting time since it is done with a simple and fast process.

Airo – Antivirus for Mac

In this case, we must start by mentioning that a correct update of the Airo software is offered concerning previous versions. You can count on software that scans all the files on your system. This will make it easier to detect those undesirable files. In turn, you will have a browser extension that will protect you during your access to the web. This means being protected from fishing and adware scam. Also included is a list of the most dangerous websites that can be blocked.

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While dangerous websites are constantly being updated, this software does as well. One of the weak points of this software is that it does not offer a firewall. However, one of its strengths is its user interface. You will have an interface that is intuitive and very easy to use. Furthermore, the installation offers a quick and simple process.

Mac Cleaner PRO – Professional Cleaning & Security

Last but not least, we have this software that will allow you to properly maintain your Mac. With functions similar to the aforementioned software, you can apply proper cleaning. So those files that are no longer used will be removed immediately. In a few steps, you will be able to analyze your entire Mac system. This way, it will detect the garbage that has accumulated over time to eliminate it. Then, you will recover a considerable amount of space on your hard drive.

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On the other hand, if you need a higher speed for the operation of your system, you can find it here. Mac Cleaner Pro can offer you a set of tools that will speed up the operation of the system. You can simply forget how slow your Mac used to be. Last but not least, the installation is very simple and quick to carry out. In a few minutes, your Mac will already have adequate protection. In turn, the user interface is friendly, intuitive, and simple to use. In conclusion, your Mac will have more hard disk space, a faster-operating speed, and adequate protection against different viruses and malware.

Should You Install Free Antivirus on Your Devices?

By having a free antivirus, you can verify its efficiency and usefulness. This way, you can better check if you need the additional functions of that antivirus. After that, you can get even more protection for each of your devices. While most of them will not offer you 100% protection if they are needed, you must bear in mind that at least against various viruses and malware you will be protected. Today there is a diverse set of potential dangers on the web. Some hackers could spy on your data, steal your identity and credit card data, or a virus could attack your PC and render it useless. Therefore, it is a necessary tool if you intend to keep your PC and data in good condition.

Our Top Pick for June, 2021

To conclude this article, we can mention that some of these options will give you the protection you are looking for. It only remains to check the best features to start feeling more secure and protected. Also, you can choose the free antivirus software that best suits your needs. In this way, you will be able to verify the proper functioning and efficiency of your antivirus software. So getting premium antivirus software later will be easier. In other words, you will avoid being disappointed in your choice. Our Best Pick for this June is the Intego Mac Antivirus.

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