Best Free Antivirus Apps for iPhone 2022

Today there are a large number of mobile devices throughout the world. Many of these mobile devices are iPhone, in the same way, that there are many threats to this particular brand. So, it is necessary to have the appropriate antivirus to protect your smartphone. With which you will be able to avoid those hackers who try to spy on your data or your credit card information?

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  1. Norton Security
  2. BitDefender

Along with this, there are a large number of different types of digital threats. These include malware, spyware, viruses, adware, among others. Many of these undesirable software can impair the proper functioning of your device. In other words, the best-case scenario will only be a slowdown in the proper functioning of your smartphone. And in the worst case, your mobile device could be permanently unusable.

So let’s see next what are the best free antivirus tools for iPhone in 2022. In just a few moments your mobile phone will be much better protected against the different threats that you can find. You can also protect your data, which is also very important. Although it is rare, you might be the victim of a hacker or some inappropriate program.

Pros & Cons of an Antivirus iPhone Protection

What We Like

Good protection against viruses and malware
Personal data protection
Malicious website warning
What We Dislike

Only basic functions available in free mode
Constant payment links
Some applications require a lot of resources to function

The Best Antivirus iPhone Apps in 2022

Norton Security

One of the best options is to run a Norton Security antivirus. You can easily maintain adequate protection and security, even when using public WiFi. Also, emails are scanned and will not be exposed to a threat when you view them from your iPhone or iPad. This antivirus has a novel application to protect your data. In this way, each of your devices retains personal information appropriately. This is very useful against all kinds of online scams or different cyber threats.

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You will be able to use an advanced scan that will allow you to detect unsafe Wi-Fi. In this way, you will be notified of all kinds of dangers. Also, many types of Wi-Fi can be easy targets for cybercriminals. In this way, these people manage to steal or collect certain information from users. Norton Security manages to protect you from the theft of similar information. It will also prevent your device from being infected with any malware. Furthermore, protection, when you are browsing the web, is present.

Across the web, there are many malicious and fraudulent websites. So, when you use your browser, SMS, MMS, an application, or an email, you could be harmed. Taking into account a large number of fraudulent sites then we can say that it offers great protection. All operating systems are usually updated from time to time. So, when a device is not updating correctly it can be a problem. To avoid this, Norton Security will notify you when your operating system is not updating properly.

On the other hand, you can take the necessary measures to correctly protect each of your devices. Remember that your outdated devices can be a simple target for cybercriminals. They could easily take your personal information and control of the device. It is important to know that iPhones can contract viruses or malware. Furthermore, Norton Security will be able to provide you with adequate security and flexibility. So, you can prevent third-party attacks through Wi-Fi, fraudulent websites, and attacks on your operating system only with this application.

Another danger is to suffer some type of scams through your email. Some of those scams are virus scams, or you could also be a victim of phishing. In general, there may be links that ask for your username and password for your account. Norton also manages to offer a living intelligence and engine that is powered by innovative and advanced technology. In this way, a different set of threats can be recognized. Therefore, you will get extra protection on each of your devices. Therefore, it is one of the most suitable options to properly protect your device, while avoiding a large number of inconveniences.


Getting an antivirus that can provide you with great functionality can be a bit complicated. Also, it is more complicated if you need protection for several devices. However, Bitdefender can provide you with the most comprehensive security for a multi-device suite. Bitdefender Mobile Security for iPhone can give you the privacy and security you need only with the use of this application. In this way, you will also be keeping your data safe. This is highly convenient since the most precious thing about you is to say that your data will be kept confidential before intruders and malicious hackers.

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You can choose two main payment plans that can adapt to the needs of each of the users. Thus, the simplest plan will allow you to protect a single device for one year. On the other hand, Bitdefender Total Security will provide the best protection to 5 different devices. One of those positive points that you can use is the privacy of your account. You can verify from your iPhone or iPad device that each of your online accounts is protected. This may indicate to you if any of them has suffered a data breach.

You will not only get protection but also functionality thanks to the Bitdefender service. This means that you will be protected when connected online since all internet traffic will be encrypted. Along with this, it offers daily traffic of 200 megabytes that is included by each device. Web protection is perhaps one of the most important features on any mobile device. This antivirus will easily and quickly notify you about inappropriate web pages. Whether it is a web page with fraudulent content, or it is phishing or malware, you can avoid entering these sites.

In other words, this antivirus works as the protective barrier that you are needing. Remember that out there many prying eyes are waiting for you to neglect your security to steal your data. Once your data is stolen it is very difficult to reverse the situation. On the other hand, most hackers and thieves work anonymously. Their normal operation seeks not to arouse any suspicion. Therefore, Bitdefender will be able to protect you at times when you are distracted.

Another additional point is that this antivirus is correctly updated in 2020. This means that the vast majority of viruses and malware that can haunt your iPhone can be avoided. This is very useful since a single virus could render your mobile phone unusable. However, some users have indicated that the interface may be a bit difficult to understand at first.

On the other hand, the installation of this application does not offer major inconveniences when performing it. Therefore, without wasting too much time, you can acquire adequate protection for your iPhone. Although the basic functions are available in the free version, these may be more than enough to test the application. If you require more functionality, you can choose one of the detailed payment plans.


To conclude this article, we can mention that some of these options may offer great functionality. Not all of them offer you in the same functionalities. Although each of them has its positive and negative points. On the other hand, it is highly convenient to be able to get an antivirus application for your iPhone in 2022. Remember that there are different dangers that are waiting for their next victims. Preventing your data from being stolen or that your identity has been impersonated is very important.

It is also very convenient to detect those WiFi connection points that are unsafe. In these cases, many hackers wait for the most careless people to act. Most of these applications will alert you of an unsafe point. Additionally, as we have seen, iPhones can be victims of viruses or other undesirable software. Thus, by obtaining one of these options you will avoid spending more money in the future. Many viruses could make your antivirus obsolete and render your phone unusable. In conclusion, you can choose any of the free trials of the available applications to corroborate the functionality. After that, you will be able to surf the internet more safelyand comfortably.

Author: Mark Bruno
Mark Bruno is not your typical computer geek. He has a degree in law and criminology, and always had a need for justice. Seeing how everything is getting digitalized, he decided to master cyber-security and virus protection with led him to join the LossOfPrivacy team.