Best Free Antivirus Software for Mac 2021

If you have a brand new Mac computer with updated specs and features, then you might feel so blessed with its fast and efficient apps.
Being a new and updated Mac, you’re likely using the latest operating system macOS 10 or its counterparts and enjoying a spectacular host of functions that only Mac systems can give. Sadly, no matter how updated your Mac system is, it’s still vulnerable to threats; hazards that are lurking deep within the web.

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When you’re not protected with the latest antivirus Mac software, your brand new, quick and efficient system will soon become slower, with noticeable changes in performance. You might even encounter persistent pop-ups and ads that will get in the way of most of your apps. Worst of all, you might find your files locked without knowing the code to open them. These are tell-tale signs that your Mac system has been contaminated with a virus. You need the latest antivirus software made for Macs to deal with this menace.

What is Antivirus Software for Mac?

Mac and Windows systems are different, which is why apps, programs, and software are developed separately for Windows and a Mac computer. This is also the reason why hackers and attackers have developed separate threats for Windows and Mac users. Antivirus software for Mac is made only for Mac computers. It can efficiently scan Mac systems, check on files, registry systems, programs and apps, every nook and cranny of your system, to find threats and afterward, deal with the threat as well.

Antivirus software programs built for the Mac are available online and from the Apple Store, but make sure you’re getting legit software. There are unscrupulous sites that claim to provide protection only to seize your computer and ransom your files. It’s best to rely on only the best free antivirus software for Mac.

Pros & Cons of Using an Antivirus Mac Software

What We Like

Saves you money
Protect your Mac system from spam sites and ads
Use as a two-way firewall
Checks removable devices
Find threats and deal with it fast
Secure your personal data
What We Dislike

Some free antivirus software may have limited features
Some need a firewall for backup
Notable slowdowns on mac

The Best FREE Antivirus Software for Mac

Bitdefender Virus Scanner for Mac

The Bitdefender Virus Scanner is a very convenient malware protection software that will be able to track down and take down Mac or Windows threats. It is one of the easiest to use with a straightforward user interface. From this interface, you can check on the health of your system, and if there are any threats, you may have missed it. You only need to mind four buttons that will let you run a quick scan from different important areas in your system, run a thorough scan of the entire Mac system, run quick scans of any applications that are currently running, or scan a particular folder or file location.

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Bitdefender Virus Scanner may seem to be too simple, but there are some features that you may find interesting. Bitdefender won’t make you wait for your next update because it can give you an update every hour. The Bitdefender Virus Scanner can get the most updated information before it starts to scan your system. It also allows you to exclude folders or specific files from your scan. This is a helpful feature as it can reduce the workload of the app, and thus, it can help make scan times quicker. The downside of using Bitdefender is that the free version does not have any real-time protection or filtering and other important tools for total security. Therefore it’s a must to use the paid version of this antivirus software for Mac.

Avast Free Mac Security

Avast Free Mac Security is more than you would expect in a free Mac antivirus software. It offers real-time protection of your Mac system so you can detect threats as they happen. You can start an on-demand complete scan if you think that there is a threat to a specific folder, drive, or file. You may even be able to schedule a scan to automatically run even when you’re not on the computer.

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Avast has a Web Shield that will inform you if there are dangerous websites. It will immediately block any downloads and notify you if there is a dangerous email attachment to protect your system. And as a bonus, you will also get the Avast wireless network scanner feature that will check your network, your router, and all connected devices and will report any problems or vulnerabilities. If you want something better, you can go with the Avast Security Pro. This will give you additional virus protection, ransomware, and on-time alerts for any threats in your wireless system.

Malwarebytes for Mac

The Malwarebytes antivirus software for Mac works by checking and protecting your system from dangerous ransomware as well as other threats. This software can also discover adware and other harmful programs that may not be considered very dangerous but are slowing your Mac system down.

→ Try Malwarebytes

For many years now, Malwarebytes has been very effective for Windows, and its Mac counterpart is straightforward, effective, and very easy to use. The app is easy to install and is light, will not eat so much space. There is no real-time protection, so Malwarebytes won’t be able to stop any kind of attack and will only get rid of current threats.

If you have other antivirus tools installed in your system, Malwarebytes will make sure that your system is protected and won’t conflict with other maintenance tools. By using Malwarebytes for a Mac, you will get a 30-day trial of its Premium counterpart. With the Premium, you can check and stop threats as they happen. When this trial expires, you will continue to use on-demand scans.

Does a Mac System Need Antivirus Software?

The risk for any attack may be remote if you practice regular basic security measures and if you’re not the type to easily believe scams and updates. And if you update your system regularly and backup your files frequently, then you won’t have to worry about ransomware. However, if you have personally experienced what a virus and malware can do to a computer system, then you’ll know how important this is to protect your beloved and costly Mac computer. So don’t take risks, start with free antivirus software.

How to Find the Best Free Antivirus Mac Tool?

Remember the following when getting antivirus software for Macs.

Keep in mind possible threats from the antivirus software file or download

It seems very unlikely to happen, but this actually does happen to many users. Even a legit antivirus software may harbor dangerous malware and viruses that can harm your system. Use an online malware scanner first before you download it.

Able to monitor your files and folders

The best software must be able to check your files for any changes and for threats. It must be able to sniff out possible ransomware sites and steer you away from this very dangerous threat.

Should use only minimal system space

Finally, the free antivirus software you selected must consume only a small amount of disk space to run. Some may have an improved firewall feature, backup service feature, and enhanced password protection, which may consume more space.


There are plenty of software tools you can use to protect your great Mac device from virus threats. It’s actually pretty hard to determine which is the best. We’ve presented you with some of the top solutions preferred on a global scale after rigorous research and testing. Remember that you can use such solutions for free, but we always recommend getting a paid plan if you want more versatility and more features.



Are Macs vulnerable to viruses?

Experts say that Macs are not as susceptible to viruses compared to other computers. But it’s now known that even Macs are vulnerable to attacks, and thus, effective antivirus software for Mac is needed.

Does a Mac computer have a built-in antivirus program?

Mac computers come with the XProtect, an anti-malware program that has useful features like file quarantine, which warns users if there was a dangerous downloaded file.

Are there special features of the Mac antivirus?

The Mac XProtect also has advanced features such as Cyber Security, Sales Files, and the handy Crypto Guard.


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