Any right we give away, we give away for good

Cybercrime expert Mikko Hypponen talks us through three types of online attack on our privacy and data — and only two are considered crimes. “Do we blindly trust any future government? Because any right we give away, we give away for good.”

Filmed on November 2011.

2020 UPDATE:

Almost 9 years later this speech is more than relevant today. We’re becoming even more connected and dependent on the internet. Almost all of our life is public on social media sites. We are sharing our information with ease without even thinking about it. All the big companies have our information on what we like, what we want, how we spend our money, and who we spend our time with. And of course, they use this information to manipulate us and sell us even more stuff we don’t need.

It depends on us to keep our privacy safe, only we can keep our personal information. Thankfully there are tons of ways to protect our data today. We can use VPN software to cover our IP address and tracks on the internet; special browsers that block all tracking attempts and ads like TOR and Brave; anti-malware apps to protect our devices from keyloggers and other data breach methods.

All of these apps and software can be used on desktop and mobile devices. Most of them are free or not very expensive. We don’t really have an excuse not to use them if we want to keep our privacy and data for yourself. We just need to make a little extra step to change the way we are using the internet and social media. And that little step can change a lot.


Craig Rogers
Craig is an IT geek with a passion for technology and admiration for white hackers. He’s been writing on Internet security and Antivirus protection for two years. Craig’s collaborating with us to guide our readers in the tricky world of viruses and the ways to protect ourselves against the various threats they present.