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Browsing online makes the device prone to attacks by hackers and other malicious hardware. A Virtual Private Network (VPN), prevents any risk from the evils online and provides security to data and credentials of the device. It also allows a person to surf content from around the world without locational problems.

So what are the possible, solid options in 2020 to get the best of these VPNs at the lowest prices?

We have created a list of the cheapest VPN providers available in the market which offer their services at a charge of as low as $1.99/month and covering two years.

Best Cheap VPNs You Can Come Across


zenmate logoZenmate’s VPN makes a mark with its budget-friendly product, offering strict no-logging policy, great bandwidth, lightning speed, super cheap plans, connectivity up to 5 devices simultaneously, and a free basic plan offer.

There are other products which come as an add-on with it as it protects from search engine biases through SafeSearch, and email breaching is prevented by Identity Shield.

Zenmate provides its coverage in every browser and operating system, and thus there is a VPN for MAC, Android, Windows, IOS, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. You can surf the blocked websites in your region and hide your IP address easily, to go undetected.

Zenmate Top Features
Anonymous VPNAvailable for all devices
Unblock streaming contentStream live sports
Kill switch74+ Locations

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It has three plans for a 1-month, 1-year, and 2-year subscription bases, and each one of them offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The 2-year plan gives you a saving of 79% over the month to month price.


PrivateVPN logoWith an ability to handle up to 6 connections simultaneously, PrivateVPN delivers some of the most rigid security solutions. It provides a fast and reliable VPN service along with a strict no-logging terms, and 24/7 live support feature.

If you want to watch your favorite Netflix series from overseas, then PrivateVPN will serve the purpose precisely. It comes with an excellent pricing range.

This annual plan works for 15 months and is somewhat like the 2-year plan of Zenmate.

PrivateVPN Top Features
Unlimited speedZero logging
Unlimited server switches30-day money-back guarantee
Anonymous torrentingServers in 52 countries

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PrivateVPN also has a referral offer where they give you points for every plan bought by the friend you referred to. These points can be used for your membership. They offer a risk-free option since you can try it and use the money-back option which they guarantee up to 30 days. Its plan varies from 1-month, 3-month, and 15-month subscription bases, where all of them provide the 24/7 customer service.


SurfShark vpn logoThe cheapest option that you will find in this list is offered by the great product from SurfShark. SurfShark’s VPN delivers strong performance characteristics with unlimited devices, ad-blocker, whitelisted, and Netflix libraries.

It has a network of 800+ servers in over 50 countries which makes it a very safe and faster option. It has proven to be P2P friendly, and their app can be downloaded for Chrome, Android, Windows, IOS, Firefox, and Linux, to keep the surfing anonymous.


SurfShark Top Features
Clean webUnlimited devices
WhitelisterNo-logs policy
Private DNS and leak protectionCamouflage mode

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SurfShark offers its range of plans with 1-month, 1-year, and 2-years of subscription. The one month plan, though, is not very pockets friendly, but the 24-month plan is better. The 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that your data can be kept safe with this cheapest and reliable alternative.


cyberghost logoCyberGhost doesn’t boast of the cheapest services, but it does provide a highly safe and secure connection and leaves zero logs of the online activity. Unlimited bandwidth and over 1000 servers offer very high speed and handle all sorts of streaming.

Switching of servers is very easy through the VPN of CyberGhost. You can enhance the speed yourself by choosing the one you prefer and can unlock any of the websites or content from across the world.

Cybeghost Top Features
Access blocked websitesEnjoy safe P2P torrenting
Unblock streaming servicesStream sporting events
Play region-locked gamesGet better deals online

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The 30-day money-back guarantee and the 24/7 service is available with all the three subscription plans offered by CyberGhost.

HotSpot Shield

Hotspot Shield logoStanding tall in the list of highly-rated VPNs, Hotspot Shield is the biggest player in the market. 70% of the top security companies use their services to implement protection and private access around the world.

Their strength is open and free internet, and ultra-fast servers in more than 70 countries. Whether you are traveling or going to airports or offices, you can access social media, sports, streaming, news, and gaming from anywhere in the world.

Hotspot Shield Top Features
Fast and secure accessVerified by experts
Safe and private connectionUnlimited HD streaming
No browsing activity logMilitary-grade encryption

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With a different 45-day money-back guarantee offer, HotSpot Shield emerges as a unique player in the game, and it never stores or collects any private information of the user.

It three different plans may not be the eyecatcher here, but there are different offers rolling most of the time, and you will surely get a product worth paying for.


pure vpn logoBacked up with unlimited bandwidth, PureVPN surely manages to be a great performer in the race of fastest VPNs. For selected purposes, the system automatically chooses the best server – whether it be gaming, streaming, or any particular online activity.

They provide secured WiFi and an internet kill switch, which can shut off the internet when, for some reason, the VPN stops working.

PureVPN Top Features
Secure Wi-FiMulti login
DNS leak protectionSplit tunneling
256 Bit encryptionP2P VPN

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PureVPN delivers great interactive customer service where they provide the customer with 24/7 live chat service and a large number of tutorials available on the website.

Choosing The Best VPN

With a variety of appealing features, these cheap VPNs never fail to meet all the demands desired. Most VPN services come at a price of $10/month, while the top VPN providers offer their subscription plans at a rate as low as $1-3/month for a 1- or 2-year plan.

The lower price range means that it isn’t worth settling for a free VPN service. A lot more people can use the best of VPN services at an affordable rate with these offers.

choosing the best vpn

For speed-related concerns, then go for the ones which have better reviews and ratings when it comes to speed. The product must also protect against malware and other online threats, along with zero-logging of your online activity.

Check for the streaming capability of the VPN provider to know if you will be able to surf your favorite Netflix from across a different location.

Moreover, go for a trial period or money-back guarantee option when you are not so sure about what you exactly need.

What Is a Good Cheap VPN?

A VPN loaded with the basic features at an affordable price is the answer. It should never keep logs of your online activities and should provide high-security services with an internet kill switch attribute.

It should also provide unlimited bandwidth and a server changing capability to choose in a faster server, if available. Though many streaming services are becoming better at getting rid of VPNs, there are still many affordable VPN providers which will allow you to stream the content from most of the streaming platform from across the globe.

Most VPN services will provide you with an ideal speed to stream quickly and easily.

On the whole, a good affordable VPN product will provide security, speed, a wider range of customer service, and support to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Bottom Line

With the growing count of attacks going on in the present world, using a VPN is the solution best to work now. You can secure your important data and devices and can bypass any blockage that is hampering your peace of mind when opening the contents of your choice.

Free VPN service does help, but their service and efficiency are limited to a great extent. It is worth breaking in your pockets to have a wide range of services offered by VPNs, and it is very cheap now to even think before buying them.


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