Best PC Cleaner Software 2021

Are you looking to improve the performance of your slow Mac or Windows 10 PC? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ve listed and discussed the best PC cleaner software that will optimize your PC. Using these advanced system-cleaning tools can enhance performance and boost speed to make your PC function as if it’s new.

Essentially, windows PC aren’t the only one that displays low disk space error message. So, it’s important to constantly optimize the PC, clean its duplicates, obsolete files, junk, caches, and more. In this computer clean up software guide, we’ve rounded up both CleanMyMac X and IObit Advanced SystemCare software.

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Keep Your Sensitive Data

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Very Easy to Use

PC Clean Up Software

Optimization of a PC improves its life and prevents malware, bugs, and viruses from infecting your sensitive data. It’s pretty effective in improving your PC speed and boost its business productivity. Optimization is useful for those looking to remove unwanted audios, videos, files, and images from your computer.

The market is filled with many PC optimizer software, with all of them claiming to deliver fast performance than ever, but unfortunately, not all of them usually live to that hype. For this reason, we have tested over 20 software that optimizes a computer, and handpicked the best tools that will, without a doubt, speed up the system and maintain it for an extended period.

The best PC clean up software helps protect against some emerging threats, including spyware, cryptocurrency tracking, and more. In the past few years, crypto-jacking is a perilous threat. Cybercriminals infiltrate PCs and utilize them for bitcoin mining. Fortunately, with IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate, you’ll never have to worry about this.

Best Cleaner for Windows

If your windows PC suffers from frequent system crashes, slow boot times, and other computer errors, you should immediately download the best Windows cleaner tool. Using these great programs to improve your PC’s performance, you can substantially improve boot and speed overall productivity.

All these PC cleaning and tune-up tools perform different tasks like limiting unwanted processes, removing duplicate content, fixing invalid registries, temp files, browsing history, cookies, caches, and junk files. This detailed guide focuses on the best PC cleaner software that is available today.

In our opinion, we strongly recommend IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate as it covers different aspects of cleaning and optimizing your Windows PC.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

4.6 / 5

Launched in 2004, IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate has grown bigger and more influential since then. The company largely focuses on the best cleaner for Windows 10 programs premium system tools.

The good news is that IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate isn’t just security software that solely focuses on antivirus protection. It’s a great feature that’s packed with a user-oriented performance suite. And besides offering tune-up tools and performance boost, it also helps protect against some cyber threats. SystemCare is available to you as a free download with the fundamental optimization/protection as the paid versions alongside many other extras.

As mentioned earlier, IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a capable, flexible, and highly versatile tool. Following are the pros and cons of this Windows 10 cleanup software:

What We Like

Great free edition
No basic tools
Reasonably priced
Easy to use interface
Automatic updates
What We Dislike

Does not scan external files
Extras can only be download separately

Now that you already know what IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is all about, let’s check out its key features:

  • Multilingual interface – IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is available in more than 40 languages, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and more. Also, you can change the language via the main dashboard.
  • Advanced privacy protection – You can activate fingerprint protection with one click. IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate will ensure the criminals cannot steal your sensitive data when surfing the Internet.
  • Advanced scans with diagnostic tools, quarantine, and reports. These scans do not take a long time to complete and even make a difference.
  • Powerful anti-malware engine – The program uses Bitdefender core engine for detection and termination of outside threats. It’s one of the most capable and highly advanced engines available today.
  • Anti-phishing protection helps block malicious URLs and ad pop-ups to keep cybercriminals from stealing your login credentials. Whenever the software detects possibly dangerous sites, you will be immediately warned against visiting them.

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Best System Cleaner for Mac

One of the main reasons the best system cleaner has increasingly become very popular among Mac users is it helps them avoid paying apple depending on the occupied storage space. Optimized storage can only move the junk files to iCloud, and this makes iCloud space pretty limited, particularly after it crosses the 5GB limit. You’ll be required to pay for that extra space. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make any sense to have lots of junk data saved in iCloud.

CleanMyMac X is a top PC cleaner program that helps you get this done with no iCloud. With this software, you don’t have to spend more money if you can get some free space on your PC.

CleanMyMac X

4.4 / 5

CleanMyMac X’s prime goal is keeping your mac PC uncluttered to ensure it runs as if it’s new. In most cases, temporary files are the main reason mac users often run out of space, making their devices sub-optimal. The tools in CleanMyMac X ensure mac users never face issues when manually cleaning their system.

CleanMyMac X is all about efficiency and smoothness in running the mac device. It offers a wide range of features and services, and we’ve listed all these for you. Also, we’ll check into the issues every feature helps solve.

System Junk

CleanMyMac X system junk feature is created to remove all temporary files which have been left behind by your OS and apps installed on your PC. After the files are removed, you’ll not only get some free space, but you’ll also have a chance to enjoy a smooth experience.

Photo Junk

If you love editing photos on your Mac, it’s possible there are many temporary files occupying your storage space. Furthermore, temporary files are often created each time you access the Internet, no matter whether you are downloading or just viewing the images. CleanMyMac X offers you an overview of all these temporary thumbnails and photos eating up your space.


If you’re a regular DropBox user, the CleanMyMac X drop-down status allows you to know the space that’s available on your iCloud in real-time.

CPU Usage

The tab allows you to know more regarding the stress on your PC processor from other apps. Even using chrome to access YouTube can boost the load on the PC processor by 10%. After the apps are closed, the processor becomes freer, and you’ll be able to use your PC more smoothly.

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How We Test the Top PC Cleaner Software

We usually test the best PC cleaner software with specific processes. Technically, we typically run a Geekbench performance tool and evaluate the boot times on the junk testbed before and after running the top PC cleaner and then compare the PC potency. On average, we run every test about three times.

All the best PC cleaning software we tested boosted computer performance in some way. Essentially, the OS feels snappier, and the PC boots up quicker than before running the software.

What to Look For in the Best Computer Cleaning Software

Following are some of the best features that you should consider when looking for the best computer cleaning software.


The most important benefit that can’t be ignored is improved performance. A great PC cleaner app needs to do exactly as it claims. If they cannot improve system speed, free up some space on the Windows PC, or remove the junk files, it isn’t worth your time. Consider such to be a scam. Each PC optimizer and cleaning utility work differently, and it’s important to ensure you check its functionalities and features and observe any notable changes in the system’s performance after running various system junk cleaner tools.

Ease of Use

A superb PC speed booster is one, which is user-friendly and highly versatile. This means both pros users and beginners can utilize it. Nonetheless, there are no universal standards that every app should pass. Therefore, you should pay close attention to its ease of use and user interface.


All the apps should always be infection-free and provide optimum protection. Therefore, when looking for the best pc cleaner software, you should always remember this and use it to scan every application installed on your computer and decide which is good for you.


If your computer-cleaning app isn’t compatible with the most modern OS such as Windows 10, then it’s of no use to you. Furthermore, it’s evident that the software lacks updates and is outdated. Also, there might be some security risks.

Customer Support

The PC cleaner tool built by a renowned company always has superb customer support. So, if you can’t find one, you should avoid that specific pc optimizer and cleaner for windows 10.

What PC Cleaner Software Do?

Choosing the best PC cleaner software that helps improve your PC performance and fix PC issues isn’t always easy. So, for convenience purposes, we’ve listed the top PC cleaner tools to help optimize your computer performance, free up space, clean junk files, and more. Also, you can utilize any of the above-mentioned tools to boost your windows and mac PC.

If you’re looking for the best PC cleaning software, we recommend CleanMyMac X because it provides a wide range of options and tools for comprehensive system optimization. You should try all these tools and allow us to know the ones you choose.

How Often Should You Use Cleaner Software

To keep your computer clean and running smoothly, you should regularly clean your PC using the best cleaner software. It’s a great practice for opening up your PC and follow the process of cleaning at least every three months. If you realize that your PC has lots of dust and hair the first time you try to clean it, you should consider cleaning it regularly.

However, how often you clean up your PC using the best PC cleaning software depends on how often you use your computer and what you do online. For example, you should consider cleaning your browser immediately after visiting the banking site or performing some data-sensitive tasks such as paying bills, investments, stocks, and shopping.

Best PC Cleaner Software FAQs

What’s the best software to optimize and clean up your computer?

While there are many PC cleaner software out there, some of the best you can choose include IObit Advanced SystemCare, iOLO System Mechanic, CCleaner, and CleanMyMac X.

What is the best free PC cleaner?

CleanMyMac X and IObit Advanced SystemCare are available to download for free. Razer Cortex and Microsoft Total PC Cleaner are free PC cleaners.

What’s the best PC optimizer?

IObit Advanced SystemCare continues to reign supreme as one of the best computer tune-ups to utilize. It contains many tools that dig deeper into your PC to defrag the hard drive and repair your PC's registry.

What’s better than Avast Cleanup?

CleanMyMac X is a great value Avast Cleanup alternative for optimizing system performance and checking the registry files. The software comes with highly advanced features like bloatware removal, disk defrags, and automatic app updates.

Is IObit Advanced SystemCare any good 2021?

We’ve tested IObit for use in 2021 and found it’s still the best software for cleaning your PC.
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