Best VPN for Online Gaming 2022

best vpn for online gaming

The importance of a VPN for an online gamer is very high, even when the player is not a regular gamer. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) has its benefits.

The most important of them is the feeling of having our data protected by enhanced privacy. But it is essential to note that not all available VPN services are the same.

Where to find the best gaming VPN? Which VPN available in the market is good for online games?

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A game requires the utilization of wide bandwidth, so it is crucial to have a stable VPN connection to ensure uninterrupted gaming. This article will answer all questions that are popping up in your mind.

Why Should I Consider Using VPN for Playing Games Online?

Although there are many reasons to use VPN services, the central three reasons are listed below.

  • To Secure Personal Data

As technology advanced, most available online games are working with a subscription model. To participate in a game, a user is required to create an account online or become a member of the community. In one way or the other, some kind of personal information is required to be verified.

In many of these cases, you have to provide sensitive personal data, including your credit card details. So much information is appealing for the cybercriminals, as the personal and financial information available in gaming accounts are much easier to hack. So, playing with an unsecured internet connection is like giving them an invite.

Using a VPN, you have an extra layer of protection as the data gets encrypted and passed through an invisible tunnel. Getting access to crucial information from the encrypted data is a challenge for any hacker. Moreover, it provides you with a shield from DDoS attacks.

  • To Enhance Performance

The performance of a game makes it happen, and a slow connection can turn it frustrating at times. As it can result in success or failure of the game’s mission. A decade ago, online gamers would try to avoid using a VPN, mostly because of its adverse effects on the performance of the game.

why using vpn for playing games online

As technology advances, many high-quality VPN services are available that are designed specially to enhance the gaming experience and connection performance. Currently, gamers use a VPN to enhance the gameplay experience by switching to a server closest to the main server of the game. It helps reduce the time required to make a connection and data transfer. So, it reduces lag and ping in a game.

A few VPN services have specially designed features to bypass the restrictions made by your data service operator to enhance internet speed. It helps derive a smooth gameplay experience irrespective of the size of bandwidth.

  • To Bypass the Location Restrictions

At times, due to the issues with local government, or copyright issues within corporations, many online games or specific features are subject to certain geographic locations. By using any VPN service, you can have access to a game that has been entirely banned in your country.

A good VPN can allow you to have access to restricted features and gameplay through the server switching. It takes your connection to a different country to gain access to the data. Using it, you can have access to the features that are yet to be made available in your region.

What are the Major Benefits of Using a Vpn for Gaming?

VPNs are available with multiple features. You can have access to them using a good quality VPN. Three significant features are listed below.

Reliability and Speed
Any beginner would want to have a high-speed connection with no speed caps to get the best gaming experience. Online games require you to have a wide bandwidth, so working with a VPN having a traffic management system or automatic bandwidth cap system will not work well.

Considering VPNs having over 99% uptime can greatly reduce a chance of server crash during gameplay.

A good VPN has strong security features that shield your private and sensitive information to protect you from any sort of hacking. Particularly, you need to look out for a strongly encrypted connection with OpenVPN support.

Also, it should not follow strict lagging. Also, check out the Terms and Conditions of your VPN service provider to know details about their lagging policy.

Availability of Servers
Geo-unblocking gets easier as the number of available servers increases. It helps in reducing the gap between your server and the main server of the game so that lagging and connection issues can be reduced.

Top 5 VPNs for Online Gaming

As now you understand why you need to have a VPN for your online gaming. It’s high time to select among the top VPN services for gaming. The list below caters you the top-rated VPNs for gaming.


ExpressVPN is among the ideal choices of gamers due to a high number of server availability and diversification over countries. It provided specialized anti-DDoS and no logs facility for gamers.

ExpressVPN Top Features
OpenVPN with a 256-bit encryption settingNo caps on speed or bandwidth usage
2000+ servers in 78 countriesServer uptime of 99.99%
Specialized anti-DDoS mechanism160 server locations

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Surfshark offers P2P friendly features, with 800+ servers across the globe. It allows unlimited decides to connect simultaneously. It is great for gamers as it goes smoothly without lag.

SurfShark Top Features
Zero or no logging experienceNo caps on speed or bandwidth usage
OpenVPN with a 2048-bit strong encryption settingWorks great for online tournaments
Anti-DDoS servers are specially configured24/7 Customer support

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NordVPN ensures a smooth gameplay experience for its users. It allows six simultaneous connections, perfect for a tournament. It provides one of the highest encrypted and secure connections.

NordVPN Top Features
Zero or no logging experienceNo caps on speed or bandwidth usage
OpenVPN with a 2048-bit strong encryption settingWorks great for online tournaments
Anti-DDoS servers are specially configured24/7 Customer support

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PureVPN is extremely good for gaming with its exclusive network of servers. Its network is spread in 141 countries. It provides good server uptime to gamers.

PureVPN Top Features
Good anti-DDoS protectionServer uptime of 99.99%
No loggingOpenVPN with a 256-bit encryption setting
Network servers in 141 countriesNo caps on speed or bandwidth usage

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Cyberghost can be used in 5 devices simultaneously. It has 1300+ servers across the globe.

Cybeghost Top Features
Access blocked websitesEnjoy safe P2P torrenting
Unblock streaming servicesOpenVPN with a 256-bit encryption setting
Server uptime of 99.99%No caps on speed or bandwidth usage

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Good VPN Services that Didn’t Make the Top 5 List

  1. ZenMate: It is a fast performing VPN that provides smooth access during gameplay. For security-conscious gamers, ZenMate is a good choice.
  2. UltraVPN: Ultra VPN has a no-throttling policy. So, you need not worry about interruptions anymore. It uses unlimited bandwidth for high-speed.
  3. Hotspot Shield: For fast and reliable performance, Hotspot Shield is a great choice. Its huge 3200+ server network ensures interruption-free gaming.
  4. VPNArea: The features provided by the VyprVPN covers the lack of size of the service provider. It provides the best encryption methods, making it money for value.
  5. VyprVPN: VyprVPN follows a chameleon protocol. It is an advanced solution for deep throttling. They have a good network of self-owned servers. It helps maintain speed to meet the requirements of the game.

In a Nutshell

We hope that our extensive list of top-rated VPNs will help you choose the VPN that provides you with the best VPN experience. VPNs can facilitate your gaming experience and help you keep your personal data secure from online threats and frauds.

Choose the best VPN for online gaming, and start playing online without having a fear of geo-blocks or slow connectivity. You can compare the benefits of the listed VPN service providers to choose the one that suits your requirements in the best possible way.


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