Businesses Must Stay Cautious For A Rush Of Cyber Attacks Soon After Reopening- Redscan

Businesses Must Stay Cautious For A Rush Of Cyber Attacks Soon After Reopening- Redscan

The offices and businesses are required to stay cautious, as there are certain chances of attacks through cyber-criminals. Redscan has given a warning to all the offices that a possible wave of cyber-attacks might attack as soon as businesses try to reconnect to their corporate networks.

The Covid-19 Slow Down

As the coronavirus has lowered its impact, many countries including the UK are planning to reduce the restrictions imposed during the lockdown. This means many corporate individuals will be able to physically work from their offices.

In response, the cybersecurity firm Redscan states that the companies must take measures in order to stay safe and guard themselves against such cyber-criminals. There are possibilities that hackers might aim at employee devices, which will give them the benefit of easily tracking the company’s useful information.

In the past few months, threatening events have been substantially increased. More hackers and cyber-criminals are found to exploit the opportunity, arisen due to remote working conditions of employees during the lockdown. The pandemic has certainly intrigued hackers, as the remote working conditions have imposed a potential threat on the secrecy of the data.

Redscan’s Observation & Warning

Meanwhile, an observation made by the Redscan reflects the rise in various malpractices like malspam along with other external attempts of scanning. These attempts are directed to recognize the weaknesses of the remote devices and attempts to log in from unknown locations in order to access the data.

Based on these observations, the cybersecurity firm believes that a rush of cyber-attacks may hamper the confidentiality of the company’s data. The company states that the staff will certainly try to re-establish a connection with their corporate networks. This will allow cyber attackers to launch their attacks that may involve ransomware, which will be put across the company’s network.

The company further offers a solution to possible threats. It states that the firms must sanitize all of their endpoints, once they return to their official workplace. Not just that, but Redscan also instructs that firms must carefully monitor their networks in order to scan any evidence or sign of compromise.

The Threat Intelligence head at Redscan, Mr. George Glass stated, that during the pandemic, there were multiple organizations, who were constantly complaining about the cyber attacks. He further adds that such events can be merely the beginning of a major online crisis. A much more number of organizations might be attacked even without having any clue about it.

He continued, “as when the staff will return to their work after lockdown, they will directly connect to their corporate networks. Under such circumstances, companies are required to stay alert following the chances of hackers staying connected with employee devices. These cyber-criminals must be waiting for an opportunity to access throughout the network and further enhance the opportunities to deploy malware like ransomware and further increase their benefits.

Other than this, Redscan has also offered some more suggestions to the companies in order to prevent and guard themselves against such an attack. Some of these suggestions involve updates of the anti-virus signatures, establishing connections within the devices, and the remote networks.

And most importantly developing campaigns and awareness programs to educate their staff regarding the risks and possible threats.

About Redscan

Redscan is a cybersecurity firm based in London, UK. The company offers threat and risk detection services. The company is best known for its excellent custom risk assessment along with CREST accredited penetration testing.

The company has recently observed the cyberattacks during the pandemic. Based on these observations, the company has indicated upcoming issues which have reflected the need for preventive measures.

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