How to Remove a Trojan Virus? – Best Trojan Virus Removal

Trojan viruses can’t just steal your sensitive personal data; they could also put you at risk of identity theft and other serious crimes. In this article, we’ll look at what Trojan Horses are, the best Trojan removal tools, and where Trojan viruses come from. Also, we’ll explain how you can protect yourself and how to remove Trojan viruses so that you can remain safe.

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What is a Trojan Virus?

What is a Trojan Virus? Below is the right Trojan definition! A Trojan virus is a type of malware that invades your PC disguised as a real program. After the Trojan gets inside your system, it will perform destructive actions even before you can know it’s there. Once inside the system, some Trojan viruses idly sit on your PC and wait for more instructions from the host cybercriminal, but others start their malicious activities right from the beginning.

Some Trojan viruses download extra malware onto your PC and then bypass security settings, whereas others try to disable your antivirus program. But, many antivirus software nowadays incorporates more than just the antivirus scanner.

The best Trojan removal tools usually come with features, which add extra protection, such as parental controls, a password manager, a good VPN for privacy, and a network firewall. These additional features provide more improvements for your PC’s native security systems. This is because if your device is more secure, the less likely it is for you to get your sensitive data exposed or hacked.

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1. Malwarebytes – Stops ransomware attacks
2. Norton – Excellent malware protection
3. Bitdefender – Offers “Don’t Track” for optimized privacy
4. IObit – Optimize the PC performance
5. McAfee – Several Bonus Features

How to Remove Trojan Virus?

Computer security is quickly becoming a big concern. Unfortunately, enterprise organizations and companies aren’t the only ones with concerns about digital security. Today, users are under constant attacks from malicious and dangerous software. Malware has evolved from typically harmless cyberthreats to possible variations like ransomware.

Inventors of Trojans aren’t sleeping. They are working around the clock to find new ways to gain access to PC users. And one of the main challenges for providers of anti-Trojan is to ensure you’re a step ahead of cybercriminals. Luckily, there are great companies that have met this challenge and offer effective protection solutions. In this section, we’ve listed the best Trojan removal tools for removing Trojan viruses.

🥇1. Malwarebytes

4.9 / 5

Malwarebytes is developed by a US-based Internet company and was first launched in 2006. It’s available both as a paid and free product and offers affordable plans for regular users. With almost 20 years in the antivirus industry, the team has been working around the clock to perfect the original release with the latest updates.

With regards to Trojan removal tools, it’s essential to understand Malwarebytes isn’t as powerful as other leading Trojan removal tools. Instead, consider Malwarebytes as an extra defense layer to protect you against online threats along with classic antivirus (like McAfee and Bitdefender). On its own, Malwarebytes will protect your PC from dangerous types of malware such as Trojans.

Malwarebytes Features

Malwarebytes offers real-time protection against ransomware, spyware, malware, and other types of threats. Following are some of the features you can expect to find in the best antivirus software.

Protection against new cyberthreats

The in-built Trojan removal module locates and removes malicious activities in real-time. The scans usually run around the clock, meaning it protects your operating system against new threats without you knowing it. Malware, spyware, and rootkits – are the types of cyberthreats that Malwarebytes deals with.

Anti-ransomware protection

The latest ransomware can hold essential files on your PC until you pay the criminal. Malwarebytes is ideal for detecting new threats and prevents them from assuming control of your operating system. This approach is proactive and largely focuses on blocking the ransomware before it causes damage to your PC.

Anti-Scam Protection

Cybercriminals can access your login credentials to steal sensitive data and money. Malwarebytes premium protects users against crypto-jacking; this is when a mining program is planted on your PC to mine bitcoin.

Game Mode

The ‘game mode’ feature is what you need incase you don’t need any disruption when enjoying a gaming session. This will effectively stop any updates, scheduled scans, and pop-ups in Malwarebytes that might interfere with the gaming experience.

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🥈2. Norton 360

4.7 / 5

Norton 360 antivirus suite keeps your devices secure from malware and other types of cyberthreats. Therefore, in the tests conducted by AV-Comparatives, Norton scored a 100% for its effective protection against all zero-day threats.

The AV-Comparatives protection test found that Norton 360 blocked about 99% of threats. Moreover, the malware protection tests showed that Norton’s antivirus could block nearly 100% of cyberthreats. Nevertheless, it wasn’t so good with regards to providing optimal protection from offline attacks.

Norton 360 offers lots of amazing features such as parental control, browser extensions, and a smart firewall. Also, it boasts the new LifeLock Theft Protection.

Norton comes with a cost-effective price tag and an incredible set of features for superb protection. It’s ideal for beginners; it has a user-friendly interface and a super-easy installation process. Also, there are some great family security bonus features because Norton 360 is perfect for those looking for antimalware with parental controls. Furthermore, it’s ideal for people looking for cost-effective rates.

Key Features

  • Great for parental protection
  • Financial, identity, and firewall protection
  • Leading antivirus solution
  • Web protection
  • Secure VPN
  • Password manager
  • Data broker scanning
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Smart firewall

Why Choose Norton 360

Norton comes with a complete set of features available at affordable prices. However, as compared to other antivirus software out there, Norton 360 is relatively basic. As mentioned earlier, Norton 360 offers some extra Internet privacy features such as webcam protection, data broker scanning, and dark web monitoring. Users can also access Norton LifeLock identity theft protection that adds a new protection layer against spyware.

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🥉3. Bitdefender Antivirus

4.6 / 5

Bitdefender scanner identifies and remove Trojan virus without slowing down your system. Bitdefender removed all of the Trojan from our test PC, including the hidden Trojans. However, unlike other Trojan removal tools that lag your systems during real-time scans, the Bitdefender Trojan scanner works in the cloud, and the scan doesn’t affect the performance of your PC at all.

Bitdefender has, over the years, demonstrated great results in 3rd party lab tests for an extensive period. Moreover, in 2020, Bitdefender has been acknowledged as the best antivirus by AV-Comparatives. Also, it’s been awarded as the Best Performance and Best protection by AV-Test.

Bitdefender antivirus software offers various packages. All these packages offer the best malware protection and super-fast scans without cluttering your system. Furthermore, you get anti-phishing filtering, password manager, file shredder, and parental control. Today, Bitdefender adds ransomware remediation and new protection layers to your system. The good news is that the antivirus works pretty well on Mac and Windows and offers great defense for Android and iOS.

On the other hand, if you’re searching for Safepay and/or VPN, you should try out Bitdefender antivirus. Also, Bitdefender comes with a great set of amazing features like:

  • VPN
  • Microphone protection
  • Webcam protection
  • Secure browser
  • Firewall

We really liked Bitdefender Secure Browser (Safepay). This is a completely sandboxed, encrypted browser window for banking – Trojan cannot monitor its web traffic, collect data through the screen capture or infect the search engines or toolbar. So, if you often visit banking websites or payment sites such as PayPal, Safepay is a vital Internet security tool.

Bitdefender Total Security antivirus offers all Bitdefender features for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. However, people only looking for computer protection can get Bitdefender Internet Security or Antivirus Plus plans that offer the same coverage for either 3 or 1 PC, respectively.

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4. IObit Advanced SystemCare

4.6 / 5

For most people, purchasing a new PC is the answer to dealing with a slow computer. Fortunately, this isn’t always the solution. Instead, users can save themselves lots of cash if they just invest in a tune-up utility like IObit Advanced SystemCare. The app allows you to conduct all the system repairs found in Advanced SystemCare. It also adds optimization, the deep Windows registry cleaner, and other features.

Key Features

Following are the features you’ll find in IObit Advanced SystemCare.


IObit Advanced SystemCare option usually comes with two scanning options, including the traditional Manual Mode and the new AI Mode. The AI Mode cleans and speeds up your computer intelligently, depending on the status of your computer.

Speed Up

IObit comes with a speed-up tab with new features to boost your PC’s performance.

  • App/Toolbar cleaner
  • Real-time tune-up
  • Hardware accelerate
  • Startup
  • Turbo boost


IObit has a protect feature with different options to protect all your sensitive data:

  • Security & repair tools
  • Sensitive data protection
  • Browser protection
  • System protection


The IObit Advanced SystemCare Toolbox feature has various components that can be used to optimize a computer. It comes with many System Cleaning tools, Security and Repair Tools, and system Optimizing tools. Also, IObit lists other products.

Software Updater

The SystemCare Software Updater tab is more optimized. This checks for the most modern versions of the program on your computer and allows you to directly update them with one click.


The IObit Advanced SystemCare is a very effective system maintenance tool. IObit doesn’t use lots of resources. Moreover, this frees RAM from undesired services and programs. It claims to speed up the performance of your PC by over 200%.

In essence, IObit Advanced SystemCare is all-in-one malware removal software to remove useless entries and files to run a PC like new. With competitive prices and a wide range of features, you’ll like IObit Advanced SystemCare.

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5. McAfee Antivirus

4.3 / 5

McAfee antivirus offers outstanding Trojan detection and removal and a wide range of useful Internet security tools. In our tests, McAfee removed every Trojan file from our PC and web browser tool. It was even able to detect browser extensions and spyware apps on an Android phone.

McAfee Total Protection is a great anti malware tool for your tablets, smartphones, Macs, and PCs in one subscription. All the available plans come with a 100% guarantee, which means all malware will be eliminated from your devices.


McAfee antivirus works pretty well on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows 10 and runs in the background, automatically updated whenever needed, and scans for possible online threats.

Real-time protection

After you’ve installed new software or downloaded newer files, McAfee automatically scans them and blocks them in case they are infected. Real-Time scanning is what makes McAfee-leading software. It scans all the files installed on your computer in real-time.

Email and web protection

McAfee antivirus has several features, which protects your personal information and files when surfing the Internet.

  • Site advisor: the feature offers you extra information on sites before visiting them, notifying you about the safe websites.
  • Spam filer: it comes with an ‘anti-spam feature that filters junk files in your email and blocks possible threats.
  • Firewall: there’s a firewall that helps protect your PC against cyberthreats by monitoring the received information.
  • File shredder: the file shredder permanently deletes files, including files in Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin, and the user interface.

Performance Improvements

It comes with a ‘QuickClean’ feature that scans your PC for any outdated and unnecessary files and lets you remove them to boost the performance of your device. Overall, McAfee is great antivirus software for anyone looking to protect multiple devices against identity theft and malicious attacks on all fronts, including social networks and email.

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What Does a Trojan Virus Do?

Wondering what’s a Trojan virus? A Trojan or Trojan horse is a malware type that’s often disguised as legit software. Hackers and cyberthreats trying to access your personal information can use a Trojan virus. Users are often tricked by some social engineering into executing and loading Trojans on their systems. If active, Trojans allows hackers to gain backdoor access, steal sensitive data, and spy on you.

You’ll often hear people talking about the ‘Trojan Virus,’ but this can be very misleading because, unlike computer viruses, Trojan does not self-replicate. Rather, the Trojan spreads by pretending to be a more useful software or content but secretly contains malicious instructions.

Slow Your System

The Trojan should be executed by the victims to do its work. There are different ways through which Trojan horse virus can affect your computer such as making it slow. Poor device performance – for instance, frequently crashing or running slowly. The desktop has changed – for instance, an altered screen resolution or the color seems different. You get redirected to unfamiliar sites when surfing online.

Sending Expensive SMS messages

You start seeing pop-ups for fake antivirus software claiming your PC is infected and asks you to run the software to remove the virus. The user visits a malicious site via the drive-by download, which pretends to be useful software. Users download programs whose publisher isn’t known from a website that can be trusted. The user becomes a victim to a social engineering attack or other phishing attacks by opening infected email attachments.

Change Settings

Cybercriminals install the Trojan by exploiting a program’s vulnerability or via unauthorized access. Cybercriminals create fake Wi-Fi hotspot network which looks like a user try’s to connect to.

Spy on You

Trojans are pretty good at hiding. Trojan viruses trick you into installing them on your PC and then run in the background to achieve their aim. In case you fall victim, you might only notice when it’s too late. Following are some of the signs you should look into if you suspect your PC is infected.

  • A rise in spam emails
  • The taskbar has changed or disappeared completely

Creating Backdoors

If users connect to the network, they can then be redirected to fake sites containing browser exploits.

Use Your System for DDoS Attacks

Trojan viruses can use your PC for DDoS attacks. Keep in mind that DDoS isn’t legal in the US.
As ever, the combination of excellent antivirus protection and great cybersecurity hygiene is the best protection from Trojan viruses:

  • Be very cautious about your downloads
  • Carefully monitor phishing threats
  • Update your OS software immediately when updates are available
  • Do not visit unsafe sites
  • Avoiding clicking on banners and pop-ups
  • Protect your accounts with unique, complex passwords
  • Use firewalls to protect your personal information
  • Backup regularly

How Can You Get Infected with Trojan Horse Virus?

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the places you’re more vulnerable to Trojan virus attacks. Although all Trojan viruses might seem like typical programs, they need a way to get your attention before a user unknowingly installs them on their system. Trojans are different from most malware types since they trick users into installing them themselves. You’ll think that the Trojan virus is a music file or game, and the files you download will most likely work like normal files.

However, they will also install the dangerous Trojan horse virus on your PC. You should be very careful if you receive files from the sources listed below. Some users install Trojans from fake email attachments and file sharing sites. Also, you can get attacked by hacked networks, infected websites, spoofed chat messages, and more.

Email Attachments

Scam email attachments are another way for users to find themselves exposed to Trojan viruses. For instance, a cybercriminal might send you a mail as an attachment, with hopes you’ll immediately click on it; therefore, you become instantly infected after opening it. Most hackers send emails to thousands of people. But there are others who go after specific businesses or people that they have targeted.

When it comes to the targeted cases, a cybercriminal sends fake emails, which appear to be from a person you know. The email might contain something you think it’s safe such as a word document, but the virus will immediately infect your PC if you open that attachment. The easiest way to protect yourself from such attacks is by getting in touch with the sender to ensure you know the person who sent you the attachment.

Hacked Wi-Fi Networks

Another common source of Trojan viruses is hacked Wi-Fi networks. The hacker creates a fake Wi-Fi network that appears exactly the same as the one you’d like to connect to. If you make the mistake of connecting to such a network, the cybercriminal then redirects you to a fake site that looks real that even specialists will have trouble noticing the difference. These fake sites contain browser exploits, which redirect files you try to download.

Spoofed Messages

An unlimited number of popular software and other useful apps allow you to talk with other people from your PC. But no matter when you opt to use such software for personal or business connections, you might be at risk of the Trojan infection unless you know how you must protect yourself or remove Trojans virus.

Hackers modify a message to appear like it’s from a person you trust. Besides spoofing, cybercriminals also create similar login credentials with hopes you won’t notice. Then, in the same way as fake emails, the criminal sends you a Trojan-infected app or file.

Infected Websites

Most cybercriminals target sites rather than individual users. Hackers find weaknesses in unsecured sites that allow criminals to upload files or assume control of the entire site. If this kind of hijacking happens, the criminal might then use the site to redirect users to other sites.

File Sharing

Nearly everyone who has been using the Internet uses file-sharing sites. The file-sharing sites include torrent sites and other websites, which allow the users to share files, and this idea is very appealing for different reasons. For starters, this allows people to get a premium program without paying retail prices. But, unfortunately, file-sharing websites are very attractive to cybercriminals looking for easy ways into your system.

For instance, the cybercriminal uploads cracked copies of the popular program to a torrent site for free download and then waits for the potential victims to immediately download it, but this program contains a hidden Trojan that allows the cybercriminals to control your PC.

Trojan Removal FAQs

Can Trojan viruses be removed?

Yes, you can remove Trojan viruses by deactivating startup items on your PC that don’t come from trustworthy sources. For better results, start by rebooting your device into safe mode to ensure the virus cannot stop you from completely removing it.

What’s the best Trojan virus remover?

Some of the best Trojan removal tools you can use include Bitdefender antivirus, Malwarebytes, Norton 360, and McAfee.

How do I remove the Trojan virus from my PC for free?

You can try out different Trojan removal tools for free without spending your money. However, you’ll only have a short period to access the free trial. For instance, Bitdefender allows you to access the free version for 30 days. You can then choose to upgrade to a premium version.

Are Trojan viruses dangerous?

The Trojan horse is one of the most dangerous and common types of threats, which can infect your mobile device or computer. Trojans are often disguised as useful software or benign that you download from the web.

Can Trojan viruses infect an iPhone?

Today, there are no known Trojan viruses or horses that can affect iPhones.
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