INTERPOL Announces About ‘Anti-Ransomware Day’

INTERPOL Announces About 'Anti-Ransomware Day'

Interpol is recognized as an international crime-fighting agency. It has coordinated with Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company to declare the third anniversary of WannaCry as ‘Anti-Ransomware Day’.

WannaCry is the largest and well-known ransomware worm that spreads quickly through a number of computer networks. It came into existence from May 12, 2017.

According to the recent survey, Kaspersky admits that three years from now, ransomware will causes huge trouble in computer networks all around the world. On May 12, 2017, the hackers were thought to be from North Korea, who initiated a ransomware attack on the hospital of NHS and all around the world. They agitated the operation of more than 3 lacks computers globally.

Steps Taken By Organizations On Anti-Ransomware Day

As a result, Interpol wants to create awareness all around the world by celebrating this day as Anti-Ransomware Day. It will encourage all the companies to once again approach their cybersecurity and observe data continuity plans are operating efficiently. It will also allow the organizations to keep the backup of their data and get security protections.

If businesses or organizations fail to take steps against the attacks of ransomware, then they may face several consequences. According to research in October 2019, the organizations that suffered through ransomware attacks have lost on an average around 1.4 million dollars.

Companies Got Hit By Ransomware Attack

Danish Agro in Denmark was hit by a ransomware attack on April 2019. It is now relying on its backups in order to recover its data to normalcy. It states that some part of their IT systems were affected by the incident. Now they are planning to bring cybersecurity approaches in both their software and hardware capabilities to counter any attacks that come in the upcoming years.

The other victim of these ransomware attacks have been Texas Courts, which had to close their systems and websites last week. According to the Office of Court Administration, the group of hackers had hacked some portion of their data and demanded for desired payment. As a result, officials rejected their demands and begin to rely on backups to bring back their original services.

Moreover, Interserve, a UK based outsourcing company also became a victim of this cyber attack in April. Currently, their IT staff is busy in evaluating the impact caused by the cyber attack on their services.

Challenges Faced By The Victims

Ransomware attacks caused by hackers can demand a huge ransom amount from any organization. Companies that become a victim of this cyber attack can bear financial loses while damaging their firm’s reputation. In addition, they have to pay more additional costs for fine and data recovery.

The researchers have found that around 700,000 users were attacked by cybercriminals in the year 2019. Among 30% of these victims were from the business sector. WannaCry was common among all cyberattacks that hit around 100,000 users in 2019. The other cyber criminal founded in 2019 was GandCrab.

Measures To Fight Against Ransomware Attacks

Sergey Martsynkyan is the head of business to business product marketing at Kaspersky. According to him, organizations have lost millions of dollars due to downtime and goodwill damage, if the spread of ransomware attacks occur on a large scale.

Today, the threat remains consistent as there are several people who are still unaware of the ransomware attacks and may become a victim of it. To avoid such situations, correct measures, and approach towards the right security can save you from ransomware or other cyber attacks.

Craig Jones, who is the director of Interpol, states that every organization must support Anti-Ransomware Day and encourage the public to ensure good cyber-security at their firm.

Author: Mark Bruno
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