MacCleaner Pro Review – The Best Mac Optimization Tool?

Why MacCleaner Pro

Wide variety of clean up tools

Unique Advantage

Disk space analyzer utility

4.1 / 5

What to Expect from this MacCleaner Pro Review?

Developed by Nektony, MacCleaner Pro is a powerful cleaner and optimizer for macOS with a wide range of unique features. The primary difference between MacCleaner Pro and other mac cleaners out there is that it is not just a single program. It’s a bundle of different professional tools built to solve separate system tasks. The tasks include removing unwanted applications and junk files, maintaining the best performance speed, plus a wide variety of other essential capabilities.

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MacCleaner Pro was completely redesigned and upgraded to MacCleaner Pro 2.0 in 2020. The developers added a minimalist interface that keeps the program in line with the most modern optimization packages. For this reason, the program is ideal for both regular and advanced users, thanks to the clean menus and intuitive layout.

Pros and Cons

Like any other popular product, MacCleaner Pro comes with its fair share of merits and demerits. Following is an outline of the pros and cons of MacCleaner Pro:

What We Like

Duplicate finder
Wide variety of clean up tools
Smart, clean design
Low price
Free trial
One time purchase
Disk space analyzer utility
What We Dislike

No malware scanner
No shredder

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About MacCleaner Pro

As mentioned earlier, MacCleaner Pro is a product of Nektony, a renowned company that was established back in 2011. Nektony started by developing a Disk Expert app for analyzing disk space use. VSD Viewer for Mac is another great application that Nektony has developed. As the founders continued working with mac computers, they realized that there was a lack of enough space on their Mac computers, and they weren’t sure what to delete to free up some space. So, they introduced an array of mac cleaning utilities.

For many years, the company has focused on mac software that helps users clean and speed up their mac devices and protect sensitive data. Although Nektony’s main headquarters are located in Hong Kong, the entire development team works from Ukraine. Essentially, Nektony, MacCleaner Pro developer and distributor, is a reputed company that focuses on cleaning software. MacCleaner Pro is directly distributed on the official website, but you can download some tools on the apple store.

MacCleaner Pro Plans

Now, since you know what MacCleaner Pro does and a little more about the company, let’s talk about how much it will cost you. MacCleaner Pro isn’t entirely free but comes with a free trial version. You can download the free trial at any time you want and use it for seven days before being asked to upgrade to the paid version. You get to use all the available functions but under some limitations. However, seven days are more than enough to check out the interface and its features.

2 Macs
  • Get rid of apps’ leftovers
  • Remove duplicate files
  • Remove old and unused files
3 Macs
  • Merge duplicate folders
  • Find the largest files and folders
  • Completely remove programs

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To purchase, Nektony offers only one type of payment: a one-time purchase. You have to pay $44.95 for a lifetime license. MacCleaner Pro payment price varies based on the number of devices you want to use MacCleaner Pro for. For example, if you’re looking to use MacCleaner Pro on two mac computers, the price increases to $89.90 for a lifetime license.

For customers who prefer testing things out before making a long-term commitment, there is a free trial that gives you unlimited access to different features. Again, this marks MacCleaner Pro from its competitors, whose free trial only allows for diagnosis without any fixes. The good news is that MacCleaner Pro efficiently cleans and speeds up your Mac for an affordable price and offers valuable tools to find duplicates. With all these features and more, there’s no doubt that MacCleaner Pro is a great bargain.

Additional Features

According to Nektony, MacCleaner Pro 2.0 is a super awesome version of the original app. This sounds like a great upgrade. It includes some fantastic features that help clean and boost your Mac’s performance. The developers have enhanced the ease of use and accessibility of the app, improved sound, animations, icons, and increased performance. Some additional features that you’ll find in MacCleaner Pro include:


The space on your hard disk costs money. So, why should you waste it by letting it fill up with unwanted files? Applications, system files, media files, and documents are stored on the SSD or hard drive. Also, there are many unwanted files that build up and end up utilizing more space than you could ever imagine. MacCleaner Pro helps find and remove these files, freeing up the much-needed space.

Installation Files/System Junk

The system junk cleanup helps remove the temporary files, which are left by your apps or macOS. This doesn’t just free up space on your Mac, it also allows the apps and OS to run smoothly. This service usually asks for permission to access your hard disk drive. After you have granted MacCleaner Pro access and click “Scan,” you’ll see the space occupied by the temporary files alongside other vital details.

Furthermore, at the time of writing this MacCleaner Pro review, we were surprised to find that when you hit scan, the scanning process starts immediately, and it takes less than 5 seconds to get the results. Now, as MacCleaner Pro runs, it will conduct a comprehensive cleanup of the junk files, removing all unnecessary files that it could find and close all the background files that use memory and eventually slow down your computer. Once done, MacCleaner Pro provides you with the results, including the amount of hard disk space that has been freed up and many unwanted files removed.

Screenshot Files

Suppose you take many screenshots on your Mac. In that case, it’s highly likely there are many temporary files just piling up and occupying space on your hard disk. Furthermore, temporary files are usually created each time you access the Internet, regardless of whether you’re viewing the screenshots or downloading them.

MacCleaner Pro gives you a highlight of all the temporary screenshots and images occupying your space. During our extensive research for the MacCleaner Pro review, we performed a scan. We found about 350MB of unnecessary image junk eating our systems’ storage.

Mail Attachments

Whether the mail attachments are small or large, mail attachments can possibly use a lot of hard disk space if not removed. Although most people do not like deleting mail attachments, they will always be in your email, and the best thing you can do is start clearing files that are not important. Therefore, after you click on the “Scan” button, in few seconds, based on the size of your hard disk drive, you’ll get the amount of space you will be saving if you choose to remove the email attachments.

Trash Bins

This is pretty easy. Any thought of trash bins gives you another chance to confirm your choices before choosing to permanently delete all the files. However, if you don’t manually delete these files on time, they will keep accumulating up to the time when your drive is filled to the brim.

MacCleaner Pro saves you the time of having to delete all the contents of this trash bin manually by including a Trash Bin cleanup feature in your suite of great cleanup tools. After you have hit the “Scan” button, you will see the storage occupied by the many files just sitting on your trash bin. From here, you can quickly click on “Clean” to permanently delete the files.

Speed up Mac

Since this is a detailed MacCleaner Pro review, it’s important to note the many ways this app helps speed up your Mac. It’s highly likely that you have experienced some low performance in your computer, and you could have thought that your Mac was getting older or its hardware was degrading. While it’s partially true since if you continue using your computer at sub-optimal settings for extended periods, the device ultimately gets laggy. However, let’s see exactly how MacCleaner Pro helps with this.

  • Quit heavy consumers – Closes all memory-consuming apps
  • Remove internet plugins – Clears the unnecessary add-ons
  • Reindex mail – Rebuild mailboxes index
  • Reindex spotlight – Rebuilds the Spotlight index
  • Disable browser extensions – Remove and manage browser extensions
  • Caches – clear cookies and caches
  • Disable startup programs – Stop all apps running on your computer’s startup

It does all this by cleaning up your macs’ hard disk and boosting the system’s performance.

Manage Disk Space

MacCleaner Pro helps manage your hard disk space. With this, you free up space and optimize your Mac.

  • Applications: It uninstalls all unused applications
  • Pictures: Finds and clears all large unwanted photos
  • Music files: Remove large voice and music files
  • Movie files: Clear movie libraries and large files
  • Duplicate files: Detects and removes all duplicates
  • Documents: Helps manage all large documents
Why MacCleaner Pro

Wide variety of clean up tools

Unique Advantage

Disk space analyzer utility

4.1 / 5

MacCleaner Pro tests on Mac

Since there are no independent labs that have tested MacCleaner Pro, we took it upon ourselves to test this cleanup program on our MacBook air 2015. We started with the cleanup module; in only a few minutes, MacCleaner Pro freed up 4.3GB on our MacBook air. When we deleted the email attachments, almost 700MB would be available. This is a lot of space. Also, we were delighted with how fast the scan was. It took less than 5 minutes.

With regards to speed, our Mac did not feel lagged or slow before, so we didn’t notice any difference in terms of performance. Being able to properly manage my app extensions and apps from the central space was exceptionally helpful. By removing the files left by macOS and other apps we had installed months ago, we were able to free up 5.34GB of hard disk drive space. That’s amazing!

Can I trust MacCleaner Pro?

Like any software company out there, Nektony collects some user information to be able to provide better services and products. However, according to the company’s privacy policy, they are fully committed to ensuring your privacy is guaranteed at all times. This is important, especially for those concerned about their privacy. It’s for this reason you should find out whether the information collected by Nektony is safely stored. This is the only way of finding out whether you can trust MacCleaner Pro. Without further ado, let’s check out the type of information they keep.

What data do they keep?

Basically, the company collects visitor’s personal data for different purposes. However, let’s start with the type of data they collect:

  • HTTP cookies
  • Html cookies
  • Device data
  • Purchases data
  • Location data
  • Every session duration
  • Number of traffic sessions and clients
  • Device technical characteristics
  • Email addresses
  • IP addresses
  • Membership or account numbers

The company collects user data for different purposes, including:

  • Corporate marketing development
  • Prevention of fraud
  • Exploring the user activity of the website
  • Better provision of services
  • Optimization of the official websites accessibility, performance, and functionality

MacCleaner Pro Customer Support

Although we didn’t have any real problem with the application, we did have a few questions regarding how to maximize its effectiveness on our Mac, so we did check the online support page. Like other software companies, MacCleaner Pro has a detailed FAQ section. This page comprises different topics. We found answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about different sorts of problems and products, including Visio Viewer, Funter, ClearDisk, Memory Cleaner, VSDX Annotator, Disk Space Analyzer, Duplicate File Finder, App Cleaner & Uninstaller, and MacCleaner Pro.

However, we were delighted to find that MacCleaner Pro offers a great way to contact the support team and talk to an actual human. MacCleaner Pro offers two options for such help: email and WhatsApp messenger support. Both are available around the clock, even though non-time-sensitive issues are better off sorted via email, whereas the WhatsApp messenger is reserved for urgent matters.

Bottom Line

MacCleaner Pro offers a wide range of easy-to-use tools that quickly frees up space on your SSD or hard drive, speed up your Mac, and help keep it clean. Using MacCleaner Pro, we were able to free up about 15GB on our MacBook air 2015.

However, this functionality and capability come at a price. However, the price is lower than its competitors. Other alternative applications provide similar functionality at higher prices. The one-time purchase makes MacCleaner Pro a great option compared to other apps you have to pay each year.

Is MacCleaner Pro worth it? Yes, we strongly believe so. Cleaning your mac computer is always worthwhile. MacCleaner Pro offers a user-friendly interface and performs different cleaning jobs and at the same time improves your Mac’s performance. With MacCleaner Pro, you’ll have a mac running in the best condition, making you happy and ultimately more productive.

Why MacCleaner Pro

Wide variety of clean up tools

Unique Advantage

Disk space analyzer utility

4.1 / 5

MacCleaner Pro FAQs

What does MacCleaner Pro do?

MacCleaner Pro is a great app to keep your computer clean and fast through different strategies like finding and removing unwanted files, chat history, cleaning browser, uninstalling apps, quitting heavy CPU consumers, and hung apps.

Is MacCleaner Pro compatible with macOS Catalina?

Yes, the app has been designed to be fully compatible with the most recent macOS, including macOS Big Sur.

Is MacCleaner Pro a malware?

No, MacCleaner Pro isn't a virus or malware. We ran and installed MacCleaner Pro on our MacBook air 2015. Next, we ran a scan using McAfee and didn't find any malicious malware or viruses. Also, the app has been notarized by apple. Essentially, notarization is the process, which confirms that an application doesn't contain any malicious files.

Is MacCleaner Pro any good?

Yes, we believe MacCleaner Pro is a great application. Mac cleaning is an important task, but it isn't fun, especially if you don't have enough time on your hands. MacCleaner Pro provides the entire mac cleaning files that you need. This means you can use this app to clean up your computer in less than 5 minutes, rather than spending days perusing through files.

Does apple recommend MacCleaner Pro?

MacCleaner Pro is a software product designed by Nektony, a popular company headquartered in Hong Kong. Nektony isn't related to apple. But today, you can download MacCleaner Pro from the app store.

Is MacCleaner Pro free?

MacCleaner Pro is not a free application, but you can try out the free version so that you can get a taste of the software before choosing to spend your hard-earned money. Depending on the number of devices you want to use MacCleaner Pro on, you can pay for the one-time purchase.

Is MacCleaner Pro safe?

Yes, security-wise, MacCleaner Pro is safe. However, there is room for error since the app allows people to delete files from the hard drive. It's likely that a user can mistakenly delete an important file. As a result, you should always be very careful so that you do not delete important files. For instance, it might show you the large files that are occupying more space on your mac device. Just because the files are big doesn't mean they are not valuable.

How much does MacCleaner Pro cost?

MacCleaner Pro's cost depends on the number of macs you want to install the program in. for one computer, purchase for $44.95. For two, pay $80.90.
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