NTT Report Determines New Tactics of Cyber-Criminals

NTT Report Determines New Tactics of Cyber-Criminals

According to NTT’s Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) 2020, there has been a huge increment in the volume of cyberattacks in several industries all across the world. Year after year, attackers are coming up with new methods of cybercrimes. The research also revealed that such cyber-attacks are causing major challenges in front of several organizations.

Causes And Victims of Cyberattacks

One of the global technology service company has found that the most prevailing approach used by the attackers last year were 14% of injection and 15% of remote code execution attacks. In any organization or company, such attacks become prevalent due to their poor network practices, security, testing, application and operating system configuration, and complete security hygiene.

In addition, the high use of evolving Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AL) also gives rise to cyber attacks. Last year this attack was initiated by cybercriminals, where 21% of malware was found in terms of a vulnerability scanner.

In 2019, NTT has also seen a rearrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) where they found rebirth of Mirai and its derivatives supporting such attacks. Mirai is basically a self-originating worm that replicates itself by identifying and attacking vulnerable IoT devices.

The NTT report also revealed that during last year, technology was a major target of the cybercriminals. In 2019, there was an overall 25% attack as compared to the previous year which had attacks around 17%. The majority of attacks in organizations were found 31% to be application-specific and 25% in Disturbed Denial of service (DDoS). Several government organizations had also become a victim of such cyber attacks. In such sectors, 16% of overall attacks were found along with 15% in the finance sector.

Moreover, cybercriminals targeted 20% of their attacks in the content management system that includes none CMS, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Here the main focus of cybercriminals is to deal with their sensitive and confidential information, and in turn initiate further attacks.

Statement Made By The Head Of NTT

Mark Thomas is the global head of threat intelligence at NTT. According to him, the technological sector has faced a 70% increase in entire attack volume. This rise also experienced in sectors of IoT. Moreover, in the activities that had no single botnet effect, there was still a huge volume of attacks such as IoTroop and Mirai.

In government organizations, the cyberattacks increased by two times. The attacks in such organizations include application-specific attacks and reconnaissance activity. It was initiated by attackers who took the benefit of an increase in regional and local services that are provided to the citizens.

How To Fight Against Cyberattacks?

The researchers have observed several specious activities led by cybercriminals this year. Matthew Gyde is the CEO and president of the security sector at NTT. According to him, the existing global crisis presents that cybercriminals will take benefit from any situation.

Like during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, cyberattacks such as ransomware, hacking, malware, and much more have increased at a significant rate across several industries.

In healthcare organizations, there is a huge increase in ransomware attacks and it should get better before it gets worse. By looking at such a situation, such organizations must stay ready and focus on security in order to make their place cyber-resilient and take security initiatives as much as possible.

The researchers also suggest the organizations promote secure and safe working especially during the current situation. It’s crucial to maintain cybersecurity hygiene as the top priority. It can be done by including security patches such as VPN’s, enforcing and allowing two-factor authentication, training and educating employees and securing endpoints within reasonable boundaries.

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