Top 5 Spyware Removal Apps 2021

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  1. Norton 360 Standard – All-Around Protection
  2. Total AV – New Entry Antivirus Software
  3. Malwarebytes – Easy to Use Spyware Removal App
  4. Adaware Antivirus Total – Securing Personal Data
  5. Spyware Blaster – Protection for Browsing

Spyware viruses are just waiting to infiltrate your system. Without the appropriate antivirus and removal app at hand, your system will become prone to the nastiest things out there.

The thing is, finding a reliable and trustworthy anti-spyware software is quite difficult. As a matter of fact, a number of anti-spyware software programs are spyware in reality but only disguise.

For this reason, having the best one at hand is very important. To help you out, we have looked around for the best options out there and analyzed their features. The following are some of them.

Understanding Spyware & Its Types

Spyware is a type of malware that collects different sensitive data, sending them to its creators without your consent or knowledge. The design may vary, but generally, spyware uses deception is working.

Among the confidential information that it collects includes browsing habits, and other personal information such as your name, address, passwords, biometric data, social security numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers, and other things that are directly associated with you.

There are different types of spyware that may attack your system. Most of them are categorized according to their specific functions, as well as the platforms in which they are designed to infect. Among the most common ones include the following:

Mobile Spyware
This type of spyware is created particularly to track the activities done on mobile devices. It can be downloaded either as a standalone app or stealthily installed from other apps. Mobile spyware can still be beneficial, especially when tracking the activities of your children.

This kind of spyware can cause havoc as well because they collect, monitor, and send your activities on the phone to a certain individual. The collected information may include your social media chats, messages, location, even controlling your cameras and microphone.

This persistent type of malware typically installs itself even without consent from the user. The main function of this malware is pushing and displaying ads that come in the form of autoplay commercials, pop-ups, as well as banners on your phone or tablet.

Adware can also serve as spyware if it tracks your browsing activities, collecting information on which sites you typically visit, or the type of content that you download. The information that is gathered is used in pushing appealing custom ads to your system.

System Monitors/Key Loggers
This spyware works by recording almost all of your device activities. It typically includes keyboard keystrokes, touch inputs, screen captures, as well as mouse moves.

After a specific data amount is logged, it will send the data directly to the author. The data will then be analyzed for a number of sensitive data, including usernames and passwords, emails as well as bank details.

Tracking Cookies
Cookies refer to files which allow for a smooth experience in browsing. They are also useful in remembering browsing habits and login information.

However, they can also act as spyware when they start to become intrusive, tracking, and collecting data regarding your activities online. The information collected is then utilized by different third parties, thus making you vulnerable to custom ads.

Trojan Spyware
This spyware usually masks itself as something useful or legit. This fools victims into accepting Trojan right into their system. After access is granted, a Trojan will create a backdoor for other cybercriminals or malware, infiltrating your system while gathering sensitive information.

Reviews of the Top 5 Spyware Removal Apps 2020

Norton 360 Standard – All-Around Protection

norton logoWhen it comes to providing protection against malware, as well as ransomware, viruses, and spyware, Norton has already established a reputation of its own. It takes pride in its 100% detection and removal rates, which goes to show that they are, indeed, the best in this field.

They feature an antivirus engine that operates on artificial intelligence. This type of technology continually learns about new, as well as emerging threats on spyware, with data that comes from the millions of Norton users all over the world.

The Norton 360 Standard software comes with online threat detection features, malware scanning and removal, dark web monitoring, smart firewall, secure VPN, and password manager. For more protection, an upgrade to the Norton 360 Deluxe is also possible, as it offers features such as parental controls for up to 5 devices.

Norton Security Top Features

Real-time threat protectionDark web monitoring
Password manager10GB cloud backup
SafeCamSmart Firewall

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The 360 Standard works well on smartphones, tablets on Mac. However, it offers a number of extra anti-spyware capabilities, particularly for Windows users. Extra security precautions are required in Windows since spyware usually targets it because of its vulnerabilities in security.

One feature of Norton is the SafeCam mode. It offers protection to the webcam of your PC, preventing potential hackers from easily hijacking your webcam and spy on you. It also comes with PC Cloud Backup, which means a total of 10GB of secure storage space where you can easily store copies of private files just in case you are exposed to a ransomware intrusion.

Total AV – New Entry Antivirus Software

total av logoTotalAV is a company that has taken a step up in their game. In fact, they have easily converted a mediocre type of product into some that is very much capable and highly dedicated antivirus program. Two versions are available, with the free version offering the basic features, while the paid ones exude with amazing options.

Among the features that are offered by the most affordable package that they have include adware cleaner, spyware detection, and removal, remote access firewall, phishing protection, as well as device optimization tools. It should be noted that it is important to be aware of the prices of the packages available and understand the renewal policy of the company.

Total AV Top Features

Anti-malwareReal-time antivirus
Spyware removalAdware cleaner
Advanced webshieldData breach search

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While TotalAV is still considered as a new company in the antivirus industry, they offer features that are enough for all users to think that they know what they are doing. Their introductory price is amazing and unbeatable.

All in all, they are improving day by day in terms of handling customer support and providing transparent information to their customers. As such, they are currently acknowledged as being capable of offering some of the most dependable all-around antivirus protection in this industry.

Malwarebytes – Easy to Use Spyware Removal App

Malwarebytes antivirus logoThis software tool began as a dedicated spyware tool. Down to this day, it has kept this reputation. However, on top of that, they have also emerged as one that offers the best protection against a wide range of other potential threats.

One good thing about Malwarebytes is that they do not depend simply on a list of spyware definitions, which is quite common among other antiviruses. Rather, it monitors the actual behavior of the applications and files.

When they observe one acting suspiciously, perhaps logging your activity or accessing some restricted parts of the system, Malwarebytes moves quickly in removing the threat and thus protecting your personal information.

Malwarebytes Top Features

Finds adware and malwareRemoves adware and malware
Conducts privacy audit for all appsExcellent customer support
One good app to crush all the bad appsAnti-Malware protection

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Malwarebytes misses a VPN and a firewall, which is usually included in other anti-spyware programs. However, it focuses on providing dependable malware detection and is also quite easy to use, even for new users.

Overall, Malwarebytes is the real spyware software, but it took the game up to a higher level by offering incomparable protection against other types of malware and viruses as well. They may not have those highly complicated security features, but if you are searching for a highly effective and simple antivirus, which offers the best anti-spyware solution, this is no doubt a good option for you to take into consideration.

Adaware Antivirus Total – Securing Personal Data

adaware antivirus total logoThe primary purpose of the creation of Adaware as a spyware removal app is to serve as a program that blocks web trackers and ads. Now, however, it provides protection against so much more, which includes spyware, ransomware, and viruses.

For example, it has a feature called the Digital Lock, which prevents spyware from possibly stealing personal data out of your computer. This is done by encrypting private files using a military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, applying several levels of password protection and encryption to sensitive documents, and by shredding original unencrypted files securely by overwriting and erasing them.

Adaware Antivirus Total Top Features

Download protectionPowerful firewall
File shredderParental control
Web protectionAward-winning antivirus protection

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Other features also include web protection, email protection, and parental controls. These offer amazing protection levels for your private information. Other names in the industry offer spyware infection protection but do not give out the tools that help in protecting the contents of your documents and files.

Adaware helps in keeping your computer free from potential spyware infections, while its Digital Lock feature allows you to encrypt your precious files so that you can store and safely send them. It is a perfect choice if you need to keep work-related and sensitive documents on your PC.

Spyware Blaster – Protection for Browsing

spywareblaster logoThe specialty of SpywareBlaster is in blocking ActiveX malware. This tool offers interactive website content. The controls can be quite useful, allowing you to fill in website forms or play media. They can still be malicious, though.

For one, hackers can easily use ActiveX controls in order to have access to your computer system. Once they are inside, they can easily steal private files, install keylogging software, or even access your webcam.

This software comes in both free and paid-for versions. The paid one, SpywareBlaster Autoupdate, offers amazing value, with features such as automatic updating, technical support, and protection for each user on your computer.

Spyware Blaster Top Features

Prevents the download and execution of malicious programsPrevents privacy risks
Blocks spying / tracking via cookiesRestricts the actions of potentially unwanted or dangerous web sites
Doesn’t slow down web browsingDoesn’t use up any memory or take any cpu

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What SpywareBlaster actually does is that it does not scan your computer like what is usually done by antivirus software. Rather, it works by blocking incoming threats. Thus, you may need to invest in getting separate scanning software, such as Malwarebytes.

All in all, SpywareBlaster is a very effective solution to problems related to spyware hijacking your computer using ActiveX website content. Additional software is needed in order to provide protection against other types of malware. It works together with other security software that is installed on your system.

How Does Spyware Enter Devices?

Your phone or device can get spyware in different ways, but mostly without your consent. Here are some of the common ways in which spyware infiltrates your system:

  • Mobile spyware apps – these mobile spyware apps may be installed and downloaded as legit apps, or even stealthily installed by other apps.
  • Vulnerability in Security – almost all devices come with a bug, which may be exploited in different ways. One of which includes backdoors that offer unauthorized access. In this way, malicious people can install spyware using these loopholes.
  • Spoofing and Phishing – spoofing entices victims to enter a site that looks legit. Phishing, on the other hand, is a method of tricking victims into opening spyware filled websites or downloading spyware. These two usually go hand in hand. Typically, the site that is visited is filled with malware, and may even have the same domain with that of the mimicked site.
  • Software Bundles – bundles, including shareware, freeware, as well as cracked software, usually come filled with other software that users may install without understanding the consequences. These different bundles may also serve as host to malware, including spyware, which can be installed without the content of the user.


Just to be clear, spyware is a dangerous type of malware that can easily breach the security and privacy of your system without your consent. Cybercriminals may use collected information for further attacks, including identity theft, blackmail, as well as other fraudulent activities.

To avoid all of these, it is best to observe safe computing. If you notice that your device is already spyware infected, choosing a spyware removal app from the list above will surely help you out.



How does spyware infect systems?

Spyware usually enters systems without your consent and realization through various means like vulnerable security, phishing attacks, spyware apps. That's why you need strong device security.

Is it fine even if my system does not have sensitive data?

Even though your device may have nothing to lose, it will still pose a danger to other devices. For example, if your device is used as a part of a network environment, the spyware may propagate easily and spread to other devices, which may contain sensitive data.


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