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  1. Norton Security – The Antivirus Software for Versatility
  2. BitDefender – The Efficient Antivirus
  3. McAfee – Iron Protection for a Variety of Devices

With a lot of antivirus programs, gaming mode comes within the package. But the question is to pin-down which ones are actually effective. Gaming modes work as particular antivirus engines, which keep the system secure from slow down or interruption.

While there are mostly similar gaming modes available, but a few companies are there that provide high-quality features that enhance and lifts the overall gaming experience.

By testing the biggest names in cybersecurity on various levels, we have brought to you our own list that highlights the Best Antivirus Software for PC Gamers.

Features to Consider Before Making a Selection

The requirements of gaming computers are different than regular systems. They need a strong antivirus that would not ruin the gameplay with notifications, intensive scans, or overprotective firewall. We ran tests based on some features to bring out the best for you. Those features of selection are:

It is a major criterion in the selection. The software must never slow down the system. So, better framerates and low CPU hogs are the traits we considered for our best performers.
To enhance the user experience, the software must be enriched with a friendly User Interface(UI), helpful customizations and a responsive support team that can help anytime.
Overall protection must be ensured while browsing, buying online, or when in an important mission of your favorite game. The strength of protection offered during various gaming modes and the efficacy of search engines tells the quality of performance delivered.

The price must justify the features provided. With a range of customizations and options available, and the ability to run across different operating systems, this antivirus software delivers value for money services.
Different options are offered by different antiviruses based on what a person is looking for. Gaming online or offline, using multiple screens or streaming online on platforms, there is an antivirus that caters to your specific needs. Those extra features are the additional ones to look at before choosing your ideal antivirus.

The Best Antivirus Software

Norton Security

norton logoNorton impresses with its very fast performance and this software comes with plenty of different options that you can tweak, and it also doesn’t use much of your system’s RAM. It is faster than almost every other antivirus software out there with some improvements in the new product line.

It has Quiet and Silent modes, which prevents pop-ups and other interruptions during gameplay. It also provides parental control function with some extended features like usage monitor, limit setter, and methods to prevent sensitive content.

Due to its foundation in malware detection and the great features it offers with its intuitive interface, Norton turns out to be a very powerful antivirus software among others.

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bitdefender antivirus logoThe finest antivirus program for gaming does its job without hindering your performance or being too intrusive within your day-to-day use. What is different in Bitdefender is that once it’s installed it automatically goes into the autopilot mode.

The attribute of Autopilot in Bit Defender makes all the security-related decisions, so the user never gets bombarded with notifications and alerts. Tough protection against malware and an unparalleled level of control is provided here.

It provides users with the most affordable way to get protection for several devices. With its own VPN and improved parental control, options come in handy with Bitdefender.

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mcafee logoBeing already a big and commonly known name in the market, McAfee Gamer Security helps squeeze more performance out of your rig and ensures that your games stay prioritized over resource-hungry background applications. It’s Game Boost Engine delivers excellent overall protection and a very effective gaming booster option.

It makes gaming a priority for the system resources, mutes notifications, or anything else that would serve as an interruption. It’s great for someone who doesn’t want to indulge much with the settings, and won’t mind sacrificing some protection quality for a less expensive Game Booster option.

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Every gaming system needs good antivirus software to provide seamless gaming experience along with prevention from any predatory malware or spyware. For a gaming PC, an ideal antivirus is the one that uses a small amount of RAM so that the computer can assign most of the memory to games.

With a lot of different options available in the market, we think that Norton serves the purpose well due to its strong protection, lower RAM usage, intuitive interface, and the two performance modes. A wide range of attributes at low cost makes Norton stand out for the major audience of its market.



Does it affect gaming?

Yes, most of them do. Virus scans put a load on the CPU, and pop-ups turn out at bad moments. While gaming, there might be some glitches and noticeable lags due to those scans. But nothing at all would be affected in case of best the antiviruses-like the ones in our list.

Should I turn it off while gaming?

No, you can but should never. Gamers are a great target for cyberattacks, because of the vulnerability of the system when there is not protection. Full screens can be detected by the malware, and deployment of hacked mods puts you in danger of hackers. So, there’s no need to turn off anything since you would have so many optimized benefits available with these brilliant security options.

Are all those gaming modes the same?

In most biggies, they have a gaming mode which will suspend any background notification or scan while in a full screen. But there are others too, which works to enhance the performance and boost up the processing speed of the system. So, not the same. Moreover, customizations and options, overall drag on performance, and ease in usability are different and unique to each software.

Is there any free antivirus or offer available?

Yes, Bitdefender is the option you can take. It has a 30-day free trial offer which you can use to find out if Bitdefender is the one for you.


Our top Pick

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Norton Security - The Antivirus Software for Versatility

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