Watch Netflix with NordVPN

Watch Netflix with NordVPN

You may have noticed sometimes that your desired content is not available in your area, and even with VPNs, you might not be able to watch them. Content delivered by Netflix differs from region to region because they are limited only to a particular region. To watch a show from a different region than yours may seem impossible too. People might lose access to their favorite shows when crossing their geo-boundary for vacations. That is why it is important to choose a good Netflix VPN so you can enjoy your favorite content.

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While there are many answers to the question, why are streaming services set up in a way like this? The regional copyrights and money related matters, but those will not be discussed here. The need for the hour is to know how to get rid of these geo-block restrictions so you can watch your content from anywhere around the world.

Netflix has made it pretty difficult for even most of the VPNs to bypass the restriction. Many of the great VPNs lack the necessary features like speed, servers, encryption, and server locations to bypass the VPN-resistive protocols set up by Netflix.

So, here comes NordVPN as a rescue! It makes it possible to reach all of the Netflix content (whether from any region of the world) to the device you want to use it on. You just have to follow some simple steps to get you going. You can also read our Nord VPN review to learn about its full potential.

Using NordVPN to Gain Access from Anywhere

How to Use NordVPN

Step 1: Download NordVPN from their official site or the store.

nordvpn login

Step 2: Install the VPN and choose a country in the server list, from where you want to watch your content.

Step 3: Sign in and watch your favorite shows on Netflix.

Why NordVPN?

Netflix has faced this problem of VPNs for long, and gradually it has devised very smart ways to deal with them. Netflix fights hard to fight them by periodically blacklisting their IP ranges. By this, those VPNs with limited IP addresses lose their ability to access Netflix.

NordVPN comes with two brilliant solutions to tackle this! Firstly, it has an ever-growing network of servers, like it currently has more than 4800 servers across more than 60 countries. So, there are many thousands of IP addresses available with NordVPN, which sends the data in a strongly encrypted fashion.

Secondly, NordVPN has obfuscated servers. They make it difficult for Netflix to know if the data being received by them has been encrypted by some VPN. Fewer count of their servers gets blocked or blacklisted because Netflix is not able to distinguish data from everyday data.

Both of these features collectively make NordVPN a great choice for streaming Netflix from any location in the world. Its ability to bypass geo-blocks has proved to be beneficial for users and helps its user community grow faster than ever before.

Why Can’t I Access Other Countries’ Netflix Libraries by Using a Free VPN?

Premium VPN services offer many advantages over Free VPN services. So, even if you are able to unlock your show using a free VPN, there will be slow network issues and poor connectivity.

Moreover, you would face problems due to limited server accessibility. It results in low regulation videos and makes it difficult to watch seamlessly. Even if you don’t face these issues, it is not possible to bypass the security of Netflix against standard VPN services. Most free VPNs have monthly data caps, client queuing system, and unreliable network speed, and these are not apt to access foreign libraries of Netflix.

Regardless of the claims made by free VPN service providers, the usage of a VPN can never be completely free. Some VPNs would offer high connection speed at a price. However, your personal data is their source of income.The free VPN service providers track your behavior through your activity, and many buyers are ready to pay for this information. You would never know when your information is sold, and it questions the privacy concerns of using the VPN.

It is difficult to choose the right VPN service, and it is essential to understand that you should avoid using malicious VPN service providers who track your user activity, to protect yourself. Moreover, if you find a free app that does not infect your system, it might not encrypt your private data and may cause DNS leaks. The best way to ensure that you stay protected while using a VPN is to use a reliable and reputable VPN service, rather than choosing the one that can not be trusted.

Speed Is the Key to Streaming

Are you done with connecting? Now surfing is the issue! Once getting connected, the other area that has significance is – to get the videos to load properly with no buffering. There are Netflix’s minimum speed requirements which are to be met first:

  1. Standard quality | 480p | speed of 3 Mb/s
  2. High definition | 720p | 5 Mb/s
  3. Ultra HD | 1080p | 25 Mb/s

The encryption process by the VPNs tends to slow your connection down, and that’s why many of the regular VPNs find it troublesome to reach those speeds. But, NordVPN doesn’t let you face the issue of speeds and provides a faster service with stable speed across its network. If you would like to do a speed test yourself you can see our how to test your VPN guide.

Other Benefits of Using NordVPN

There are many other reasons, besides high speeds and rights, which makes NordVPN the best choice for watching Netflix. Those other attributes of NordVPN, which makes it the first choice are:

  • Zero-logging policy to ensure safety;
  • Automatic Internet Kill Switch and DNS protection;
  • Unparallel level of Security – AES encryption, double VPN, and Onion Over VPN;
  • P2P dedication and Torrenting servers;
  • No limit on bandwidth usage;
  • User-friendly apps across major operating systems and devices;
  • 24/7 support for customers;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

With the excellent subscription offers available, including a 70% discount package, NordVPN proves to be a brilliant choice for the purpose of streaming on platforms like Netflix.

Is NordVPN Capable of Unblocking Netflix From Abroad?

We have carried out multiple tests of major VPN service providers on their capability of unblocking Netflix. NordVPN has been able to derive satisfactory results in many servers. So, it was quick and easy to access libraries of different countries in any major operating system.

Netflix works hard to detect these VPN servers, so there is a possibility of change in results over time. But, it is good to note that NordVPN has been working on its servers to make them untrackable.It is interesting to note that NordVPN is capable of unblocking Netflix from any country in the world. If you choose to use a server that is not capable of unlocking Netflix, NordVPN uses a DNS proxy to provide access to the US Netflix library. However, it is good to note that NordVPN is capable of streaming in the highest traffic countries. So, in a way, it is able to provide you with all the major exclusive shows on Netflix.


If you want to stream your favorite Netflix show from any remote location, you can use the VPN services of NordVPN. As it comes with features to encrypt data strongly and makes it unable for anyone to track your data usage.

NordVPN provides complete privacy to its users and makes sure that the data can not get decoded by attackers. It helps save your private details like the credit card information safe.

Another benefit of using NordVPN is that it offers accessibility to Netflix from any country. So, if you are on a tour to any country, you will be able to stream your favorite shows online.

Moreover, NordVPN offers you a zero-logging policy and 24/7 customer support. It provides DNS protection along with an automatic kill switch, all of this without making restrictions on bandwidth usage.

Want to try out interesting features of NordVPN? You can take the 30-day money-back guarantee for risk-free streaming. It would be a great way to check if you like the service of NordVPN or not.


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