Best Free Virus Scan, Cleaner, Removal Software 2021

Today there are many and varied threats in the world of the internet and the web. Not only viruses can attack your PC at any time. Also, malware, adware, spyware, and many other malicious programs are waiting for you. That is why we all need adequate protection and security. So, it is essential in the first place, to have software that scans all viruses that can attack your devices.

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On the other hand, the operation of any computer usually takes place over time. In general, more and more unnecessary files and computer junk are accumulating. So, software that can analyze your system and remove all the junk is very useful. In a few steps, you can achieve greater efficiency for your system. In the same way, this new efficient system will be protected from all external threats. So, let’s take a look at the following points to get the proper information.

What is a Computer Virus?

Computer viruses are simply software created with malicious intent. This software cannot be created by any user, but by those with programming knowledge. Also, a computer virus aims to damage some functionality of your system or even the hardware of one or more computers. This kind of software can replicate itself. This means that once they are released on the web, their creators no longer have control over them. Furthermore, they use documents or files to reproduce and spread. Some symptoms of viruses are:

  • Multiple popup windows
  • Sudden changes on the home page
  • Emails of mass messages without your authorization
  • Damage to your computer hardware
  • Lower system performance
  • Unknown programs that start automatically
  • Strange activities like a password change

Viruses generally seek to destroy data or corrupt systems, among many other common damages. Once the virus has entered your system it can remain inactive. This passive state is maintained until the code that the virus has incorporated is executed. Today there are a lot of ways that a virus can spread. Furthermore, it can not only attack computers but also other electronic devices. Therefore, your smartphone or tablet is also vulnerable if suspicious files are downloaded.

So, avoiding all kinds of contact with viruses turns out to be very important. Please note that once a virus enters your system, it is very difficult to remove it. Of course, it will be difficult if you do not have any type of antivirus or protection software on your system.

What Are the Most Common Computer Viruses?

As we have seen, some computer viruses can be common and others – novel. In the same way, some are much more harmful than others. However, all of them generate some type of damage or inconvenience in your system. See some more common viruses and the effects they produce:

1. The resident virus: This type of virus has its name because it is installed in your RAM. After that, it will be an obstacle to the normal operations of your system. Besides, they can be combined with some antivirus software files.
2. The multiparty virus: It is software that will try to affect your entire system. Its way of propagation is by performing actions that are not authorized. So it will affect different programs, folders, and even your operating system.
3. Direct-acting viruses: These types of viruses generally target .exe files directly, and do so because they replicate and infect other files. Luckily, due to its operation, it is a virus that is detected and removed very easily.
4. Browser hijacker virus: This virus is another one that can be easily detected. It aims to direct you to malicious websites, once your browser is infected.
5. Overwriting virus: This virus gets its name from the fact that it tries to infect programs, files, and folders by re-writing its content.
6. Web Script Virus: This virus is intended to camouflage itself within the encoding of videos, images, advertisements, links, and site code. Furthermore, a system can become infected if the user downloads some malicious software or files, or visits undesirable websites.
7. File infecting virus: This type of virus seeks to slow down different programs, and damages every file on the system that the user runs.
8. Network virus: This is a very common virus that travels over network connections. Additionally, it seeks to replicate using shared resources.
9. The boot sector virus: This is one of the easiest viruses to avoid. They are usually hidden in an email within an attachment, or on a USB drive. If this virus is activated it could infect the master boot record of the entire system, which of course causes damage.

How Do You Know You Need a Virus Cleaner?

To find out if you need a virus cleaner, there are some signs that you can pay attention to. However, it would be advisable to have a virus cleaner before detecting any of the following symptoms:

Constant pop-up ads

This type of symptom is increasingly rare, although it can continue to happen. If your PC is infected with various links to malicious websites, and different ads, then you will need a virus cleaner.

Your browser is redirected

Not every time you are redirected it means that something is wrong. However, if you intend to do a Google search and end up on an unknown website, then you are in trouble.

Terrifying warnings from an unknown application

These are messages with false content that aims to deceive the user. In this way, the goal is for you to make an inappropriate payment for some reason.

Strange posts on social networks

If in any of your social networks posts appear that you have not made, then there is a malware in operation. In this case, you should have a virus cleaner as soon as possible.

Ransom lawsuits appear

This is software that pretends to trick you with the excuse of a false warning. For example, you might see a warning that you won’t be able to use your computer again until you pay a certain fine. If you end up paying, then you will not get your data or money back.

System tools disabled

If you are a competent user and intend to use the task management tools to deal with malware, it might not work. So, some of the most useful tools could be disabled.

Everything seems to be fine

There may be some malware that tries to hide all suspicious activity. This is a tricky thing to detect, as malware or spyware will want to hide as well as possible.

How to Use a Virus Cleaner to Remove Viruses?

Using a virus cleaner to get rid of all the viruses that are already on your system can be simple. For this, you must have a competent virus cleaner. After taking a few steps, your protective software can take care of the rest.

First, you must perform a scan of your entire system. This scan must necessarily include each of the files found on your hard drive. In this way, your virus cleaner will be able to detect any type of threat that is in operation or passive. On the other hand, to prevent a virus from entering your system at the same time, your cleaner software must be active. The most important moments are when you open an email or download a malicious file. This is a method that prevents a virus from installing on your system.

Virus Removal in Safe Mode with Networking

If your antivirus cannot get rid of a certain virus, all is not lost. You will not need to format your entire computer to get rid of this malicious software. The Windows operating system has a well-known safe mode that will facilitate this task. Therefore, to correctly carry out this procedure, you must follow these steps:

  1. Restart the computer and wait: During the process of starting your operating system, you will be able to press the F8 key. This will allow you to select the Windows Advanced Boot Options menu.
  2. Select safe mode: This mode offers the easiest configuration you can get. By using this mode, you will be able to update your software from the internet, which is your best option.
  3. Run your antivirus software: Once this step is done, it starts a scan of your entire system. Your software will be able to find the virus and eliminate it easily. Finally, simply, you will have to restart your machine and use it normally.

Online Virus Scan for Computers & Laptops

Today some virus scanners are used online. Some of them are intended for computers and laptops. So they can be an alternative option to other more sophisticated software. They are generally an excellent choice for different mobile devices. In this case, you don’t need to install any software to be able to scan your computer.

Also, you will be able to count on certain protection against different evils such as Trojans, spam attacks, malware, spyware, and various viruses. On the other hand, some options turn out to be more suitable for that job. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best software available in 2021. By comparing online virus scanners with the best software available, you’ll notice the difference.

Best Free Virus Cleaner & Removal Software 2021

Norton Security

First of all, it should be mentioned that Norton Security can offer a trial version, that is, free, and a premium version with a large number of functions. It also provides the ability to be used with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows operating systems. In turn, it offers a maximum number of licenses for 10 devices. It is fair to mention that Norton Security is perhaps one of the most complete antiviruses in 2021. In its free version, you will be able to count on adequate protection against different malware and viruses. However, the most efficient functionalities are obtained with the premium version.

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Therefore, it is convenient to use Norton Security as it will provide correct protection. At the same time, it will allow you to corroborate the efficiency and functionality that it can provide you. With which you can decide after a while if you intend to get the most protection that this software can offer you. You will get with the free version, an antivirus scanner, along with a good password manager. This turns out to be a suitable option for those beginners on the subject.

Over the years, Norton has managed to improve the efficiency of antivirus software. It is considered to be able to offer 100% protection against all types of malware found on the web. In conclusion, considering Norton Security as the protector of your system is a sensible option. In turn, hire the premium service that offers to avoid the need for other protective software on your system.


The second option that we should mention can offer compatibility with Windows and Mac systems. It can also offer maximum coverage for 10 types of devices. When we refer to the quality of operation and efficiency of this software we can say that it is one of the best. This software managed to offer an antivirus engine with one of the best efficiencies that exist. This means that the main objective of this system is fulfilled successfully.

→ Try BitDefender

In the free version, you will get a suitable set of basic functions. Beyond being the most basic functions, quality and operation are the most appropriate. On the other hand, the advanced functions are reserved for the premium version of this software. One of the examples is the module that is used to protect your access to the web. This module is considered one of the most complete among its competitors. Therefore, it is sensible to consider purchasing the premium version.

Plus, BitDefender can give you one of the most comprehensive scanners in your entire system. Through its simple and friendly interface, you can make an instant scanner of your system. Furthermore, you can schedule a full scanner at a certain time of day. Along with this, in the premium version, you will have a scanner that detects many vulnerable points. Some of the weak points it detects are the lack of updates or security patches.

In conclusion, it is very complete software for your system. You will be able to clean, remove, and scan your system, to detect all kinds of viruses. So it turns out to be a sensible lesson if you intend to get partial protection with the free version.


We can conclude this article by mentioning that one of these options may provide protection and security for your system. Today there are many external threats and internal inconveniences that can harm your system. Therefore, if you need to scan, clean, and remove all kinds of viruses, it cannot be very easy. In this way, your computer and your other mobile devices will be properly protected.

Author: Tony Weber
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