Best Free iPhone Virus Scan & Removal 2021

Many people might consider that iPhone is free of some dangers such as viruses or malware. This is not so since there are a large number of viruses or malware that can affect your iPhone. Although it is not the same amount compared to threats to a PC, they are enough to consider a good virus scanner.

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  1. Norton Security
  2. BitDefender

On the other hand, there are other drawbacks such as web crawlers, annoying ads, malicious or fraudulent websites, among others. It is a set of inconveniences that you can avoid with any of the following applications for iPhone in 2021. Also, many of the leading antivirus and computer security providers offer certain products specifically for iPhone. To decide with which you should proceed, it is very useful to analyze some of these options since they are products developed by experts.

By installing any of the following applications you will have adequate protection from external threats as well as internal ones. It is very important to be able to avoid the different types of viruses that are circulating on the web today. You can save a lot of money by installing one of these applications. This is because some of these viruses could impair the proper functioning of your device. Even in the worst case, some viruses could render an iPhone useless.

So let’s see below the following points that you should consider before downloading one of the following applications. Having the right information will allow you to be better prepared in the most difficult situations.

Does Jailbreaking Spike iPhone Virus Infection?

There are some Trojan adware and malware that are known as they automatically download many applications that are malicious for your device. This is undoubtedly a big problem for jailbroken iPhone users. Therefore, cybercriminals can clone applications that are legitimate to cheat. After that, you will confidently install these applications that are infected with malware. One of the solutions is to restore the original state of the iPhone without jailbreaking. This is because many jailbroken iPhones can be somewhat unpredictable. This way you can solve a malware or virus attacks.

What Are the Most Common iPhone Virus Problems?

Generally, there are not a lot of risks for iPhone users. However, one must consider the risks that are in operation today. In this case, viruses are small fragments with the malicious operation of computer code. These fragments replicate themselves and spread throughout the entire system. The most common problems that usually cause are some type of damage, deleting a set of data, or in the worst case, stealing that same data.

Viruses are very rare on iPhone since the operating system is a big obstacle for this undesirable software. The spread of the virus is hindered since interactions between different applications are restricted. In this way, several watertight spaces are created within an Apple operating system.

Although it is rare, some viruses might affect your iPhone considerably. Today’s higher-quality iPhone models provide more control for users. Jailbreaking your iPhone could be a contraindication in these cases. Many users have shown how a jailbroken iPhone is damaged by malicious programs. However, it would be wise to get a virus scanner and remover. So you can be better protected against the small number of viruses that exist.

How Do I Know My iPhone Is Infected?

In some cases, your iPhone might begin to behave strangely. If you start to detect any indication of these, then you should consider taking the following steps.

  • An application might need to be updated or removed as it is generating errors.
  • Perhaps your phone memory is running low and there is little available.
  • The battery could be old with something wrong and needs to be replaced.

In a few cases, the problem could be explained by a virus. To detect this reason, you must have the most appropriate information. If you need to check if your iPhone has a virus then you should answer the following questions.

Have you jailbroken your iPhone?

Some iPhones are more vulnerable to viruses than others. This usually happens when your iPhone model gets ‘jailbroken’ meaning you overwrite some fabric settings that boost the protection of your phone.

Are there applications that you don’t know about?

Installed applications might appear on your iPhone that you do not know or have never seen before. Therefore, in that case, it may be malware. Uninstalling it as soon as possible is a necessary step to have your iPhone more protected.

Some apps crash suddenly?

Malware has different types of operation depending on each device. One of these types of operations is blocking certain applications. If this happens on your phone, then your iPhone has malware.

Has data usage increased?

An excessive increase from one moment to the other can be explained with malware. It can be quite common for malware to use the data to connect with other undesirable software.

Your most expensive phone bill?

Some malware chooses to send text messages to premium services. When this happens, and it detects it too late, then malware has damaged it.

Are there pop-ups when the browser is closed?

This is something that is not supposed to happen on an iPhone. A malware opens pop-up windows when your browser is not working.

The battery runs out in a short time?

Batteries generally have a specific lifespan. If your battery starts to run down from one moment to the next in less time, then malware is running.

Is your iPhone overheating too fast?

Malware can also affect your iPhone hardware. One of the consequences is raising the temperature of your phone too much from one moment to the next.

Best iPhone Virus Scanner & Removal Methods 2021

Use iPhone Virus Removal Software

Norton Security

All iPhones can be victims of viruses and malware, and Norton knows it. That is why this application can provide you with a virus scanner that allows you to detect all kinds of threats of this type. It could happen that when opening an email some malware or virus is installed. Norton is considered one of the best antivirus and malware protectors. Even experts believe Norton can provide 100% protection against all types of malware.

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Therefore, when browsing the various available websites, some of them could be malicious. Norton Security will allow you to detect each one of them and notify you before you enter. Furthermore, Norton Security will notify you when your operating system is out of date. This is important, as an outdated iPhone is more vulnerable to a virus attack. Therefore, you will be warned against the different dangers found on websites.


Bitdefender is another expert in providing adequate protection and security for your iPhone. First of all, your account will be protected on any of your iPhone devices. This application will notify you if any of your online accounts has been the victim of a data breach. On the one hand, this application gives you adequate web protection. Specifically, you will be notified before you enter a malicious web page with malware, phishing, or other fraudulent content.

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So your data will be well protected at any time of the day. In this way, you will also have access to other secondary functionalities. However, Bitdefender has a trial period available for you to verify the functionality of this application. Besides, after using this application in the trial period you can decide whether to opt for a payment plan. The result of this will undoubtedly be more suitable protection for your iPhone. Following, we’ve listed additional steps you can take to clean your iPhone and keep it free from unwanted malware.

Revert ‘Jailbreaking’

Reversing JailBreaking can be easy if you follow the proper procedure. First, you must connect your iPhone to your computer and then to iTunes. After that, you should update your iPhone firmware and get the latest version. This will allow you to restore it from the backup of your phone. Another way to do this process is: Configuration – General – Software Update. Lastly, you will need to make sure to properly charge your phone in iCloud before updating the firmware of your iPhone.

Consider & Adjust App Permissions

There are several methods to manage app permissions. You can perform a search on the settings screen of your iPhone. You can view different types of privacy and notifications, and next to it see the applications that have permission. Regarding privacy, you must enter the configuration. Then, by touching the privacy button you can select the different categories. With a quick view, you can determine which applications have access to which feature. In this way, you will also be managing those applications with permissions that they should not have. Permissions for applications are configured automatically or when performing an installation.

Uninstall Suspicious Apps

Uninstalling suspicious apps can be quite useful. Please note that some applications may be undercover malware. Therefore by uninstalling this malicious software, you will be better protecting your iPhone. Simply you must first detect the applications that you do not know. Especially if many of the applications that you use normally crash or close suddenly. Also, you should verify that the applications you install are reliable and free of hazards. To uninstall an application, simply enter the main menu. After that, you will have to press on the icon of the application you want to delete. This way your iPhone will be cleaner and it will even gain some memory.

Tips to Boost Your iPhone Virus Protection

There are some very simple methods to increase virus protection on your iPhone. Mainly, the most appropriate thing is to have an antivirus application. There are two types of applications, which are the free version and the premium version. Of course, the premium version will be able to offer you greater functionality and protection than the free version. However, the free version offers you some basic functions that you can use to be protected. However, there are some tips you can follow to improve protection against viruses you already have:

  • Keep your Android’s operating system updated;
  • Delete junk and unnecessary files from your iPhone memory;
  • Control the permissions of each of the applications;
  • Verify the security of an application before installing it;
  • Control unknown applications.


To conclude this article we can mention that with the appropriate information you can avoid various dangers for your iPhone. This is important since it will avoid certain inconveniences for your mobile phone. Although viruses are not common for the iPhone operating system, there are some. Malware is software that will complicate the correct operation of your iPhone. However, by following each of the steps mentioned, your iPhone will be better protected.

For this, the free versions of the antivirus mentioned here can provide you with certain protection. The trial periods to which you will have access will allow you to verify the efficiency of each application. Finally, it would be advisable to opt for a paid version since security is greatly increased.

Author: Mark Bruno
Mark Bruno is not your typical computer geek. He has a degree in law and criminology, and always had a need for justice. Seeing how everything is getting digitalized, he decided to master cyber-security and virus protection with led him to join the LossOfPrivacy team.