Best Mac Cleaners 2021

In this digital era, Mac is one of the most advanced computing systems you can put your hands on. It gives you uncompromised reliability, usability and most importantly the unrivaled processing speed. Though Mac is also a man-made machine and like everything else, it also has its own limitations. One of the main issues faced by Mac users is its speed that tends to slow down with time.

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There could be a couple of factors responsible for the affected speed or performance of your Mac device i.e running out of RAM or using too many apps simultaneously. Though in most cases, the culprit is the junk of unused files piled up in your Macintosh HD volume. These cache files may come from the internet or different software that you run on your Mac device.

The best way to get rid of these unwanted files and to speed up your Mac device is a complete system reinstall. Though a complete reinstall will cost you a lot of time and may also cost you a few bucks. Secondly, after a reinstall, you’ll have to start over and download and reinstall all your apps as well. One way to save you from this hectic process is to use a Mac Cleaner. You want to know what a Mac Cleaner is and how it works? If yes, continue reading.

What Is a Mac Cleaner?

A Mac Cleaner is an application that runs deep into the Mac libraries and identifies all of the junk files that you can delete without causing any harm to your system. Once the scan is completed, the Mac Cleaner allows you to delete all of these files at once to free up the disk space. Once you’ll get rid of these files, your system will potentially speed up. There are also plenty of shady claims about these Mac Cleaners out there on the internet. Some of these applications are scam and they don’t tend to work at all but believe us, that’s simply not true.

Yes, there are some Mac Cleaner brands that don’t seem to work out for users but we can’t label all of them as unworthy. To further clarify your doubts, have a look at the pros and cons of using a Mac Cleaner. Having a Mac Cleaner running on your Mac device will offer you a long list of benefits though there are some notable drawbacks to it as well.

Pros & Cons of Having a Mac Cleaner


  • Clear up Disk Space: Mac Cleaner allows you to identify and delete unused files to clear up massive volumes of Disk Space.
  • Boost Performance: By clearing up the unused disk space, Mac Cleaner unburdens your system from the piles of unused files thus boosting its performance and speed. It also allows you to suspend software that is eating up your RAM thus freeing up the memory for the software you currently want to use to further enhance a system’s efficiency.
  • Identify: By running deep scans, Mac Cleaner allows you to identify the software that may be eating up your disk space, so, if you don’t need that software, you can simply uninstall them.
  • Efficiency: Mac Cleaners allow you to clean up your Mac Device speedily and efficiently that wouldn’t be possible with manual cleaning.
  • Additional Functionality: Most of the Mac Cleaners come with additional functions such as virus scans and file Shredder tools thus giving you a whole lot of control over your Mac device.
  • Internet History: Mac Cleaners allows you to scrape up your internet history within seconds.
  • Safety: Mac Cleaner only picks up those files that are not used by the system or software over a specific period of time thus deleting those files won’t cause any harm to your system.
  • User Friendly: Mac Cleaners come with a clearly labeled, interactive interface thus are very easy to use.


  • Paid: Most of the advanced Mac Cleaners are paid thus you’ll have to bear a small cost to clean up your Mac devices.
  • System Security: Mac Cleaners have access to all of the data saved on your system thus it creates a security concern.
  • Shady Vendors: Some of the Mac Cleaner vendors are shady and unknown. They came out of the blue and thus we simply can’t know their intentions, therefore, only use the cleaning applications that are tested and verified as secure.
  • Unwanted Tools: Some cleaning subscriptions will charge you for tools that you don’t even need.
  • Increased Burden: Incase the Mac Cleaner fails to perform the cleaning services it may pile up its own system files that will further increase the burden on the already affected system.

How to Choose the Best Mac Cleaner?

As stated above some Mac Cleaners may further affect the system or create security concerns, therefore, you’ll have to be very careful while selecting the one you are going to run on your Mac device. Here are some identifiers that can help you make the right choice.

  • Affordability: A Mac Cleaner must be affordable thus you won’t have to consider other options to fix up your system.
  • Reliability: A Mac Cleaner must be reliable enough that you can put it up for the work whenever there is a need for a thorough cleaning.
  • Efficiency: A Mac Cleaner must be fast and efficient thus it doesn’t cost you a lot of your time.
  • Runs in Background: A Mac Cleaner must be able to run in the background while you continue to perform your normal tasks.
  • Effectiveness: For a Mac Cleaner to be considered, it should be effective against all kinds of files. It should be able to detect file redundancy, file duplication, cache, junk files and folders and also the left out files from the software that have already been uninstalled.
  • Safety: Safety is a must-have trait for a Mac Cleaner because you are giving it direct access to your private data. Before installing a Mac Cleaner on your system you should do your own research and make sure that there are no negative claims about the brand you are about to go with.
  • Harmless: A Mac Cleaner must be harmless for your system and it should not delete the files that are needed by the system for normal functionality.
  • Ease of Use: A Mac Cleaner must be equipped with a simple and interactive interface thus it is easy to use and you won’t have to search for tutorials just to initiate a simple scan.
  • Comprehensive Scanning: A Mac Cleaner must be able to perform comprehensive deep scans so it can identify all of the unused files that are piled up on your Macintosh HD volume.
  • One-Click Delete: A Mac Cleaner must allow you to delete all of the identified files with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Liberty to Choose Desired Tools: A Mac Cleaner brand must allow you to choose what you want to have on the package so you won’t have to pay for tools that you don’t even need.
  • Cookies and Cache: To free up the disk space, a Mac Cleaner must be able to identify and delete cookies and cache dumped by different websites on your computer.
  • Browser History: A Mac Cleaner must be able to clear up your browser history with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Shredder: A Mac Cleaner must be equipped with a Shredder or Smart Delete tool so you can completely clear up your Mac device before putting it up for sale.

Why Do You Need a Mac Cleaner?

Every time you visit a website or initiate software there are a whole lot of junk files dumped on your computer. These files are used only once by the websites or software and after that, they become useless and stay on your system to eat up disk space. Even though these files are harmless for your computer but there comes when the pile gets so big that it starts eating up unnecessary disk space and affects the overall system efficiency and performance.

This is the time when a Mac Cleaner comes in handy because you can’t identify and delete all of these junk files manually. For quick and efficient cleaning you’ll have to use a Mac Cleaner. The cleaning application uses several protocols to identify these files and allow you to delete all of the unused junk files once and for all.

Best Mac Cleaner Tools in 2021

Our team performed a series of tests on 20 if the top-rated Mac Cleaner brands and here are the ones that topped the results.

Clean My Mac 3

Clean My Mac 3 is one of the most reliable utilities available in the App Store. It helps you clean up your system by scanning every bit of the files and identifying the ones that you can delete without causing any harm to the system’s functionalities. It runs advanced protocols deep inside your Mac device to look for files such as Cache Files, Old iOS Backups and Updates, Unused System Files, Photo Junk (from websites) and large files that haven’t been used for a specific period of time.

→ Try Clean My Mac 3

You can download CleanMyMac 3 free version from the official website though it only allows you to run basic scans. To be able to detect and delete the real junk you’ll have to update to the paid version after some time. Clean My Mac 3 is equipped with a simple interface that allows you to get rid of unwanted files in just two clicks. In addition to cleaning your Mac device, it also comes loaded with a bunch of useful features such as Performance Monitor, Health Monitor, Maintenance and Shredder.

Mac Booster

Mac Booster is another effective utility against the piled up junk files. It comes with a couple of handy tools and modules that can help you bring back the old unrivaled speed of your Mac device. These tools include System Optimization, Turbo Boost, Deep Scans, Duplicate Finder, and Photo Sweeper. It scans your system for all sorts of junk files such as Application Junk Files, System Junk Files, Cache Junk Files, Broken Login Files, iTunes Broken Downloads, Old iOS Backups and Updates, Mail Attachments and Unused Language Files. Additionally, it can also detect and delete Viruses and Malwares running covertly on your computer.

→ Try Mac Booster

Mac Booster comes in both paid and free subscriptions. The difference is that the free version only allows you to detect the junk file but you’ll have to delete those files manually while the paid version detects and deletes all of those files in a single click. Mac Booster’s soothing dark blue interface has 3 different modules: System Junk, Virus and Malware Scan and Turbo Boost. Moreover, tools pane on the left-hand side allows you to access all of the system tools on a single click. All in all, Mac Booster holds a highly simplified but effective interface.

Mac Cleaner Pro

Mac Cleaner Pro is a name that is often associated with some shady claims such as it can cause more harm than good. Though our tests, we revealed a whole new story. It not only effectively detected and deleted junk files but outperformed all of the other brands in terms of both speed and efficiency. It’s equipped with multiple modules to help you clean up your Mac device to optimize its speed to the maximum. These modules include App Cleaner and Uninstaller, Memory Cleaner, Disk Expert, Clear Disk, Duplicate File Remover, and Funter. All these modules combine up into a perfect bundle that contains all of the required tools to perform a deep hard disk clean.

→ Try Mac Cleaner Pro

You can evaluate Mac Cleaner Pro with the free trial version although as with all of the other brands out there the free version is able to only detect potential junk files and to actually delete those files, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid version. The whole cleaning bundle is wrapped up nicely in a simple yet effective GUI design. The simple design allows you to perform all of the scanning and cleaning with a single right on the main dashboard.


Every machine on the planet gets slow with age and, whether you believe it or not, your Mac device is also not an exception. It needs maintenance and you’ll have to get rid of those unused files either now or maybe later but you’ll eventually have to perform the cleaning. You can do it manually through that technique is only recommended to users who have plenty of free time to waste. Though for you, we’ll recommend you to use any of the above mentioned Mac Cleaner applications for quick and efficient scanning and cleaning process.

Author: Tony Weber
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