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From a fast, stunning, and efficient machine, your PC can become a slow-loading device with lagging programs as you use it day after day. A lot of data items like obsolete data, junk files, and cache can slow down your RAM, and this can make your computer run very slow.

And of course, a slow computer is a poorly-performing computer, but thanks to a PC cleaner, your slow, poorly-functioning PC can work just like new.

Just like a vacuum cleaner, cleaning software will remove all unnecessary data and files that are bogging your PC down. It is an efficient way to deal with unwanted and obsolete files instead of manually deleting them.

A PC cleaner is easy to use and will scan your system, media, and documents to check for all unnecessary files and data that may need to be deleted. Also included are unwanted data indirectly gathered from unprotected searches.

This kind of data may contain malware, cookies, and other dangerous threats to your PC and thus should be removed right away.

What Is a PC Cleaner?

PC cleaners or PC cleaning software are maintenance tools that are used to clean PCs. It unloads unwanted data and thus can improve computer speeds and overall performance. This software will also help you protect your files, media, and documents from dangerous threats.

what is pc cleaner

PC cleaners are also very easy to use. Just install one in your PC and let it clean your PC as you need it to. You don’t even have to understand technical jargon or use special apps to do so. Cleaning your software can be done automatically, or you can schedule cleaning as often as you like.

Pros & Cons of Using a PC Cleaner


✅ PC cleaners will save you time and effort of manually removing apps and files that you no longer need

✅ PC cleaners will save you from costly repair costs

✅ PC cleaners will speed up your PC’s performance

✅ PC cleaners will prevent or reduce overheating due to unnecessary files and apps hogging the RAM

✅ PC cleaners can improve the lifespan of your system


❌ Some PC cleaners are not as efficient as others

❌ Some PC cleaners are simply fake programs

❌ Very effective and efficient PC cleaners are very expensive

Best PC Cleaners of 2020

10bit Advanced SystemCare

Advanced systemcare logo✔️System Compatibility: Windows XP and higher

If you’re looking for a PC cleaner that runs on autopilot, then the 10bit Advanced System Care may be the one you’re searching for. It is a cleaner with a hands-off style for cleaning and enhancing the performance of your PC.

10bit Advanced System Care will remove all unwanted files and programs, will sweep Window’s registry, and will correct errors on your PC’s hard drive. 10bit Advanced System Care has a convenient dashboard where you can conveniently do all these.

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10bit comes in two varieties: a free version with standard features and a Pro version with added features like deep registry cleaning, internet speeds boosting, real-time expansion and technical support 24/7. You can have up to 3 devices under the Pro version.


✅ With a customizable user interface

✅ Capable of auto clean up

✅ With an easy one-click function to optimize your system


❌ You can’t separate files

❌ Also comes with an installer which may also add unnecessary files in your system

Piriform CCleaner

piriform CCleaner logo✔️System Compatibility: Windows XP and higher, Windows 2003 server and higher

Another great choice when optimizing and cleaning your PC is the CCleaner by Piriform. As of writing, it already has millions of users, and this is because of its efficiency and effectiveness.

It can delete unwanted files and programs and will also clean and fix the Windows registry. With this cleaning software, you may also manage apps that are installed on your PC.

You can spot clean with just one click, or you can schedule scanning to regularly remove all junk and unnecessary files.

With the CCleaner, you can speed up your PC’s booting process by disabling unnecessary items on startup. It has a one-click function to clean your PC as well. You will receive regular updates for this program to make sure that your CCleaner is the most updated version.

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CCleaner is available in a free version and three different paid packages. With the free version, you can use different functionalities, as well as removing unwanted files, getting rid of browser caches and cookies.

All these give you a chance to retain the files that you need. Meanwhile, the paid packages come with PC cleaning scheduling and real-time threat protection.


✅ Very easy to use with automatic PC cleaning features

✅ With support to real-time PC monitoring features

✅ Provides real-time monitoring and protection


❌ With limited configuration

Iolo System Mechanic

logo iolo technologies✔️System Compatibility: Windows 7 and higher

The Iolo system makes it easier to diagnose and treat your slowing PC. It has a one-click feature that will instantly clean up your PC so you can remove unwanted files faster.

With the optimizer, you can clean your PC and make it faster so you can work faster too. The Iolo will remove junk files, and all other unwanted folders to clean your PC’s RAM for good.

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You can finally stop bloatware and PC auto-run features with this PC cleaner as well. When it comes to browsing data, the Iolo PC cleaner will remove the log, cookies, cache, and browser history so you can protect your privacy online.

The Iolo has a free version and a paid one. The free version offers basic functionalities while the pro offers more, especially when it comes to regular updates.


✅ With a convenient one-click quick clean up function

✅ With a detailed analysis of your system

✅ Offers a variety of scans according to your needs


❌ The Free version has very limited features

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer logo✔️System Compatibility: Windows XP and higher

The Advanced System Optimizer is a PC cleaner that is known as one of the most powerful optimizing tools with a variety of functions that can enhance PC performance.

One of the features known as the Disk Optimizer and Cleaner removes all the junk in your system, and it also defragments the hard drive. With this, you can prevent lagging and slowing of your PC and will also stop crashes.

Similar to the Iolo System Mechanic PC cleaner, the Advanced System Optimizer will erase all browsing data, cache, cookies, and history, which may affect your privacy when browsing online.

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This cleaner can also help optimize your gaming sessions as it can make your system more responsive and hence, perfect for online gaming.

And a feature that you won’t find in other PC cleaners, it comes with a backup and recovery feature. You can easily recover and restore any kind of file that was deleted by mistake.


✅ With a game optimizer to enhance your gaming capabilities

✅ With a backup and recovery feature to get files that were accidentally deleted

✅ Will make internet browsing faster and safer


❌ The free, trial version lacks features

❌ It may consider some settings and cookies as threats

Norton Utilities Premium

norton logo✔️System Compatibility: Windows 7 and higher OS

The Norton Utilities Premium is from Symantec. This a well-known tool to clean your PC and to revive its speed. Aside from cleaning and repairing your system, you can also keep track of your system’s overall health and performance.

When the PC is idle or sleeping, the app will start cleaning and repair. You may also work while all these are happening in the sidelines. It also comes with a one-click cleanup feature so it can remove broken links, fix registers and delete all sensitive data to protect your privacy online.

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✅ With an automatic clean up

✅ With different preset profiles

✅ Comes with a permanent shredder to delete very sensitive information


❌ No free version

❌ Very expensive

What to Consider When Choosing a PC Cleaner?

It’s hard to shop for the best PC cleaner online because every product seems to claim that they are the best. However, there is really a PC cleaner that’s the best for your needs. Check out the following criteria that you must check when buying this kind of PC program or software.

PC Cleaner Performance
The best PC cleaner has to work as advertised. If it claims to have automatic cleaning features, then it should work as such. Be wary about brands that claim that their products can do everything because this is just over-claiming. To find out if the PC cleaner is able to perform just as promised, check out customer ratings and reviews online.

The main goal of PC cleaning software is to enhance your PC’s performance, but it’s also possible to expose your PC to deadly risks like malware when downloading software. So to make sure that the software is clean, use a malware scanner to double-check before you us it.

Ease of Use
The PC cleaner you need should be easy to use. It should be user-friendly, able to work in the background in cleaning your PC. This is important for people new to using this kind of software.

Additional Features
Some PC cleaners offer more than just PC cleanup but also have the back-up and recovery features, internet browsing safety features, and enhanced gaming features. You can’t have every awesome feature in one product; you need to settle for the best feature that’s right for your needs.

Technical Support
You must have access to 24/7 technical support and to people who know how to use this kind of software. You must also have customer service agents waiting for your call about anything regarding your account.


PC Cleaners are not hard to get by but it’s important to choose the best. The removal software you choose needs to reduce your worries knowing you can work while your PC’s hard at work as well. Your cleaner should remove all unwanted files and programs, sweep Window’s registry, and correct errors on your hard drive.

We recommend choosing a paid or a free version depending on your needs and how advanced you are when it comes to using removal software. And whether you need just the standard features or the additional features, as well.


Are PC cleaners effective?

Not all PC cleaners are the same. Some are effective, while some are not so much effective. To be effective, the program has to provide its’ promises regarding PC cleanup and other features.

Can you use PC cleaners on all computers?

Not all PC cleaners work on all types of computers. This is why you should check the system compatibility of the software. The most updated PC cleaners these days can run on Windows XP or higher or Windows 7 and higher. Other specs must also be considered before you purchase.

Can a PC cleaner contain malware?

This is a possibility, especially when you’re dealing with a fake PC cleaner site. Malware and other dangerous threats to your PC’s security and files can hitch a ride with genuine PC cleaner files. So it’s best to purchase and download programs and software directly from the product’s website.

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