Best VPN Services for 2021

By getting a good VPN service you will be able to count on good and secure online experience in 2021. Commonly, this service allows you to surf the Internet safely and privately. Along with this, you can also access websites that are blocked in your region, and enjoy their content. You can enter those websites that are blocked according to their location, be able to transmit safely, among many other things.

Short of Time? See Our Top 5 for April, 2021

  1. CyberGhost – The People’s Choice
  2. NordVPN – For Tons of Functionalities & Speed
  3. VPN City – To Cover All the Devices!
  4. Hotspot Shield – To Avoid Weak Connections
  5. Ivacy VPN – To Boost Safety

What is a VPN Service?

The VPN service stands for Virtual Private Network. This service offers you the possibility of falsifying or changing your IP address, obtaining a highly secure server. Along with this, you can remain anonymous while online. So, it means cheating the web in a good way where you are. Specifically, they will believe you are in a different location.

To easily understand what a VPN is, it is a service that will give you greater security when using the internet. You connect to a server in another country, thus adding anonymity to your browsing. Quite simply, the server will believe that you are within the same country. This will give you exclusive access to content that was previously blocked. To mention some features we can list the following:

  • Geo-locks during a video and audio transmission, as well as websites, are skipped
  • Geographically limited content is unlocked
  • You will be safer on Wi-Fi that is not reliable
  • By hiding your true location, you can gain some useful anonymity
  • When you use torrent, you will be protected against any restrictions

In this way, you will have quick and easy access to much more content. On the other hand, nowadays a large number of people use a VPN service to bypass every restriction or geographical block. This way you will also be safer when sending torrents, or if you prefer keeping yourself anonymous at any Wi-Fi access point.

How Does a VPN Work?

When you connect to a server from a computer, smartphone, tablet, or another similar device, your location is recorded. Therefore, certain functions, contents or accesses are blocked for certain locations in the world. A VPN server works as an intermediary. When connecting to a VPN service, the location you are in changes. For the server, it will be as if you are connected to the local network.

In this way, a secure connection is obtained by having a VPN service. This is because all data traffic on your network is sent over this connection. Therefore, you will have a large number of resources that are available on the local network of the server to which you connect.

It is a useful service to access blocked websites for certain applications but also to use public Wi-Fi. Again, this is achieved because you will appear to be in the same location as the VPN service. Using an encrypted connection with the VPN service from your PC, you will be able to browse different websites more efficiently and comfortably. For example, by using a United States VPN service, you can access Netflix as if you were also in the United States.

Essential VPN Features & Characteristics

These days there are a lot of VPN services due to their good functionalities. That is why finding the most appropriate can be a little difficult. To clear up any doubts, let’s see what are the essential characteristics of a VPN service.

  • Nearby locations when connecting to the server
  • SmartDSN skills
  • Technical support through instant chat
  • Data registration policy
  • Updated PC applications and other devices
  • Divided tunnel
  • Possibility of removing VPN
  • Protection against leaks IP V 6
  • Well-defined simultaneous connections
  • Remove certain options from connection protocols

However, you should be aware that not all VPN services will be able to provide the same functionality. In the same way, consider that each of these functions will be provided in different qualities. You should consider, then, to explore in a better way these main and essential characteristics of VPN services.These days, there are a lot of VPN services. However, throughout this article, we will see which are the best and the most popular options you could come across.

This way, you can avoid spending money on VPN services that turn out to be bad or inappropriate. At the same time, if you choose a bad option, spending too much money could be the slightest of ills. Although you will not have to worry since here you can find the appropriate information.

How to Choose the Best VPNs in 2021?

In the case of connecting to a Wi-Fi access point to surf the internet, it could be a bit dangerous. This is because someone could steal your data or just spy on it. Therefore, if you are in a network that is also used by outsiders, having a VPN service is the best decision. Therefore, to make an excellent choice of VPN service, you must consider the characteristics of each one of them.

Servers offered by the plan, regions, and countries

You should keep in mind that a plan that offers you more than 400 servers will not be better than a service that provides 100. Therefore, you should also consider the performance provided by the plan.

Simultaneous connections

It means the number of devices and computers that can connect at the same time. The vast majority of VPN services offer between 3 and 5 simultaneous connections. However, its use must be adequate to avoid some inconveniences.

Connection protocols used

Two excellent options are usually IKeV2 and OpenVPN since they offer secure and, at the same time, fast service. You do not need to understand each of the protocols, although it is recommended to have several options available.

Collection of information

It would be convenient to verify if your VPN server collects the data traffic information that corresponds to you.

Connections software

Having the software that uses the VPN service could be useful to achieve a specific network configuration.


Finding an offer that is too cheap can mean few functionalities of the service. Therefore, investigate the VPN service you are considering to use.

#1 CyberGhost – Our Top Pick

In this case, it is a service that has offices in Germany and Romania. Also, CyberGhost is well known as it combines a set of good features. You will be able to count on an easy and simple use that has obtained more than 11,000,000 users. In the same way, it offers adequate power in its operation. Each of the basic concepts of a VPN service is correctly provided by CyberGhost. In principle, you will have more than 5700 servers. Along with this, each of these servers is distributed throughout more than 90 countries.

If you need help, chat tech support is quick and live when you need it. On the other hand, there are applications for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, and of course, torrents are allowed. One of the highlights of CyberGhost is the user interface. This interface is based on certain tasks. You won’t have to think about which is the best server to bypass the block on certain websites.

You should only be in charge of selecting the service that has blocked content. Some of these services are YouTube, iPlayer, BBC, Hulu, and Netflix, among several others. Once the service is selected, this VPN will automatically connect to the most appropriate server. You will have many extra functionalities that are also useful. Some of them are the ability to block malicious websites, crawlers, and annoying ads. Along with this, it is possible to save some money on mobile devices, through an adequate understanding of data.

CyberGhost VPN Summary

Country of Origin:Romania
Number of servers:6600+
Number of countries:111
Platforms supported:Firefox, Chrome, Android TV, amazon fire stick, iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

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#2 NordVPN – For Tons of Functionalities & Speed

NordVPN is on this list because it manages to exceed the functionality of many competitors. Therefore, this VPN service offers among its current products one of the most suitable for you. In principle, you should bear in mind that you will have the possibility to choose more than 60 countries for your location. Along with this, more than 5,500 servers can be obtained and used, in combination with 2048-bit encryption.

Furthermore, standard compatibility is offered that includes six devices. Additionally, it offers some halt switches, excellent DNS leak protection, and some proxy extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers. Among the available payment options, you have credit cards, PayPal, and bitcoin. There is also a DNS-like function called SmartPlay that is smart and fast. This feature allows you to remove blockages from a large amount of content and avoid geographic barriers.

Another of the additional points is download speed. You will have a speed that is above the average in the connections in general, except for the connections with greater distance. One of its weak points is formed by some experiences of dissatisfied users complaining about the poor organization of destination cities. However, the NordVPN service manages to offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio. So it is one of the options that you should consider if you want to avoid being disappointed. In a few steps, you will verify that it is possible to get one of the best services without sacrificing your monthly budget on it.

NordVPN Summary

Country of Origin:Panama
Number of servers:5400+
Number of countries:59
Platforms supported:Firefox, Chrome, Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, android TV, fire TV, Linux, and Xbox & PlayStation.

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#3 VPN City – To Cover All the Devices!

Another of the excellent VPN services comes directly from Hong Kong. You will find in this service many interesting and useful functions. Some of them are applications for iOS, Android, and Windows, as well as extensions for Firefox and Chrome. You will get the possibility to connect up to 8 devices simultaneously. You will also have the ability to configure your VPN service on different devices, without worrying about any annoying limits.

The classic enumeration found on the website of this service is its many protocols. Some of them are L2TP-IPSEC, IVEv2, OpenVPN, and SoftEther. In the same way, you will find many other details that are useful if you want to know its specific functionality. Unlocking lots of content and websites is not a weak point of this service. You will have access to all the content you want from FireStick, iPlayer, BBC, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, among many other services. The website of this VPN service will be able to offer you clear general information on each of the aspects involved. So you should not carry out an arduous investigation to corroborate if it is a good option.

One of its weak points could be related to the locations it offers. However, you will initially have two locations in the United States – New York and Los Angeles, in addition to Romania, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. Of course, more locations will be added over time. Although in early 2019 this service was in a beta phase, today it has greatly improved its functionality. Along with this, it is a service that can provide excellent performance for those basic tasks. Unlocking the content of a streaming platform will be a very simple task.

VPN City Summary

Country of Origin:Hong Kong
Number of servers:3167
Number of countries:33
Platforms supported:Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, more.

#4 Hotspot Shield – To Avoid Weak Connections

Here we find other services that offer adequate versatility. This means that you will have a free version and several useful functions. In the case of being satisfied, you can choose the premium version, which of course is improved. In principle, we mention that it will have unlimited bandwidth, along with access by more than 3,200 servers. Additionally, this service provides you with more than 70 server locations. When connecting to the internet, up to 5 simultaneously connected devices are supported.

Technical support will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides, you will be free of all kinds of ads. The protocol called Catapult Hydra can provide the highest download speeds. Therefore, these are constant and consistent speeds, which avoid slowing down, even when it comes to distant places. There are also some weak points of this VPN service, but very few. One of them is the incompatibility with some standards such as OpenVPN.

So you will not be able to make a configuration on your game console, your router, your Chromebook or any other similar one. Therefore, the service only works on PCs or devices that have iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows applications. Beyond this, you can count on excellent speed, taking maximum care of your budget. You will have a trial period to corroborate the deficiency of this VPN service. It is recommended since Hotspot Shield provides a correct relationship between price and quality.

Hotspot Shield VPN Summary

Country of Origin:USA
Number of servers:3200+
Number of countries:80+
Platforms supported:Windows, Anroid, iOS, macOS, Chrome, Linux, more.

#5 Ivacy VPN – To Boost Safety

Last but not least we should mention Ivacy VPN. Coming directly from Singapore, it can provide you with a set of good features. And without spending a ton of money on this service. First of all, you will have more than 100 locations and along with it more than 100 servers. In the same way, you will have applications for Kodi, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows. Extensions for Firefox and Chrome are also offered. Its strengths include malware blocking, good Torrent compatibility, and the need for registration is avoided. It also offers the ability to have 5 connections simultaneously.

On the other hand, if the connection goes down, you can protect your privacy using the off switch. If we refer to the support for the protocols, a considerable amount is included. Some of those that are supported are IKEv2, Open VPN, L2TP, SSTP, and PPTP. Additionally, you will be able to route traffic through the VPN tunnel using the split tunnel. One of its weak points is that Ivacy servers are not compatible with all protocols. If you choose to use OpenVPN, it will only have 17 countries and 21 locations.

This VPN service does not offer you different payment plans depending on the length of the contract. Although, compared to other VPN services, Ivacy VPN is one of the cheapest services out there. You have several payment options, such as Bitcoin through BitPay, PerfectMoney, PaymentWall, Alipay, PayPal, and of course credit cards. So it is one of the options that many beginners choose on the subject. You will be able to obtain a good functionality if you intend a basic use of your PC.

Ivacy VPN Summary

Country of Origin:Singapore
Number of servers:3500
Number of countries:100+
Platforms supported:Kodi, Amazon Firestick, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, more.

Our Top Pick for April, 2021

If you want to protect your privacy when browsing online, having a VPN is essential. It will help you to make your connection anonymous but also go around annoying geographical limits and blocks of content. What’s important to remember when choosing your VPN in 2021, is that the speed of your connection might be affected. Our No 1 Recommendation for best overall performance is CyberGhost.