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If you play online games using a gaming console or your laptop or desktop, then you know how nerve-wracking it is to wait for game releases. Sometimes, European countries get to be the first to play new releases, or Asian countries get more freebies or extended content.

It’s unfair if you can’t access these game highlights just because you live in a restricted location! This is why you need a VPN gaming service.

A virtual private network meant for gaming will let you bypass common restrictions such as location or regional restrictions. You’ll unlock freebies, game openings, deals, and game secrets too.

Also, content that’s censored may also be unlocked using a VPN service. A VPN service will also boost speeds and bandwidth, which will be a plus for gaming.

Pros and Cons of a Gaming VPN

VPNs are heaven-sent for gamers but may also have some disadvantages as well. Check these out before you select the ideal VPN service.


✅ VPNs will overcome regional restrictions so you can have access to any game you want.

✅ VPNs will prevent data capping and ISP throttling, which can affect your gaming performance.

✅ VPNs will help you bypass all censorships and bans to get you the full content of a game.

✅ VPNs will let you access gaming markets like Steam.

✅ VPNs will secure your gaming, especially from DDoS.

✅ VPNs will give you access to freebies, discounts, and deals.

✅ VPNs will let you watch previews of new game releases for a specific region.


❌ VPNs can reduce your internet speeds.

❌ VPNs used on mobile gaming devices may cause the device to overheat.

How Do You Choose the Best Gaming VPNs?

Not all VPNs for gaming are the same. Remember the following when choosing VPNs.

Top tier networks
You need a VPN service that’s from a top tier network to get the best gaming experience. This is because this kind of network will provide the fastest speeds and the best-quality connections. The best service also secures their bandwidth through IP transits. A VPN must act as the ISP and must not rely on IPS for their bandwidth.

Enhanced bandwidth and high speeds are ideal for gaming
A VPN service made for gaming must have the fastest speeds, and this means lower pings and latency but faster connections. You’ll be free from lags and buffering when you use a good quality VPN service.

Wide server network from all over the world
A large network of servers means that you can access all kinds of games and have fun playing no matter where you are in the world. And having many servers means that there’s little possibility of server congestion, and this will help you avoid IP bans easily. A large network of servers also ensures that you can get to the content you want as well as extra gaming perks you have been looking for.

Enhanced security and privacy
Your internet use and history must be private. The best VPN must make sure that there is enhanced security and privacy. Your gaming history and traffic is for your eyes only when you use the most reliable gaming VPN.

Compatibility with your device
The best VPN must work well with all gaming devices, especially popular ones like PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii. If the VPN you selected does not support these gaming consoles or the console you have, then it must be able to connect through your router. This is the most common option if incompatibility occurs.

NAT firewall/anti-DDoS protection
Online gaming places you at real risk of cyberattacks, and if you’re not careful, you can end up having your data and personal information hacked and your system slowing down. To avoid this, a VPN with a good firewall and security functions are needed. Always stay protected online when you play games or as you download and play online through your gaming console by using a reliable VPN service.

5 Best Gaming VPNs of 2020


express vpn logoExpressVPN is one of the most reliable VPN services, and this is because of its ability to provide secure and high-speed VPN for subscribers around the world. Speed matters when gaming, and you’ll get fast and uninterrupted speeds with ExpressVPN because of its optimized servers.

ExpressVPN has a desktop app with a speed tester, which you can use to test the speed of a server before selecting. Usually, the best and the fastest have the lowest number of ping.

This is compatible with most gaming consoles, but for the best security and performance, developers recommend using it with a router.

ExpressVPN Top Features

160 server locationsIP address masking
On every device24-hour live chat support
Anonymous browsingContent from anywhere

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ExpressVPN offers a no-log policy service and employs the best AES encryption tool. Aside from these, you will remain protected with ExpressVPN thanks to its 0-knowledge DNS and enhanced server technology, kill switch and DNS, and IP leak protection.

This VPN service is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. You can connect up to 5 different connections simultaneously with pricing plans that are covered with a money-back guarantee.


✅ Great for gaming with low-latency servers

✅ Faster speeds and unlimited bandwidth

✅ Efficient privacy and security

✅ Torrenting and P2P allowed

✅ With a 30-day money-back guarantee


❌ Comes with expensive plans


ipvanish logoIPVanish is a tier 1 VPN provider, and it owns its VPN service; therefore, there are no third-party companies that may use subscriber data or information. IPVanish comes with the fastest speeds and unlimited bandwidth, which are important in playing all kinds of games online.

It comes with servers found all over the world, and optimized gaming servers have low latency and low pings. No more game lags or buffering when you’re connected to a secure and fast VPN like IPVanish.

And to keep you safe and secure as you play online, IPVanish uses several security and privacy techniques. It employs AES data encryption, OpenVPN, SOCKS5, L2TP/IPsec, and IKEv2 privacy protocols and NAT firewalls. With these amazing features, you can bypass censorships, regional restrictions, and other gaming obstacles online.

IPVanish VPN Top Features

Zero traffic logsUnlimited bandwidth
Access to censored apps and websites24/7 customer support
User-friendly7-day money-back guarantee

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You’ll get to use IPVanish easy to use apps which are designed for first-time users. You can connect 10 devices to this VPN service, and these devices can be operated simultaneously.


✅ Top-tier network with 1300++ servers all over the world

✅ Offers faster gaming and streaming speeds

✅ Up to 10 devices/connections simultaneously

✅ With high-security coverage

✅ Efficient customer service


❌ With 7-day money-back guarantee only


nord vpnNordVPN is a VPN service that’s widely known due to its security and privacy features. It is fit for streaming online content and gaming because it has faster, optimized servers with lower latency and pings. NordVPN network of servers is all over the world, ready to provide efficient service for their gaming subscribers.

The NordVPN interface has a user-friendly feature where you can select the servers that you want according to your preference. You can use different settings, including server type and security protocol. This way, you will find the most optimized server to use before you start your game.

NordVPN also comes with enhanced security and privacy, using a variety of features and functions. It is a VPN with strict no-log policy, uses the latest AES military-grade data encryption, IP and DNS-leaks protection, CyberSec features, Double VPN, and many more.

NordVPN Top Features

Cutting-edge technologiesProtects your IP address
Enjoy the internet without restrictionsYou can secure up to 6 devices
24/7 Customer SupportHigh security level

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More so, its gaming servers will make sure you can get access to different gaming options no matter where you’re located in the world. With NordVPN, you can get help for your account, or get technical help. It can support up to 6 different devices and has a 30- day money-back guarantee.


✅ With enhanced privacy and security features

✅ Offers unlimited bandwidth and faster speeds

✅ Can block malware, trackers and notorious ads

✅ Can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously

✅ With P2P and torrenting allowed


❌ Not all servers are fast

CyberGhost VPN

cyberghost logoOnce again, CyberGhost VPN has appeared in yet another review for the best VPN, and this may be because of its premium-quality service. Their VPN services are perfect for gaming as well as streaming online content.

CyberGhost offers quality hardware and uplink that provides the best speeds and the widest bandwidth. Other servers are optimized, and this also contributes to faster speeds and enhanced performance.

This VPN service has one of the largest networks, and this will guarantee that you can surpass any geo-restriction and censorship. It is a VPN service that’s compatible with all platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, and many streaming devices, routers, and browsers.

Cybeghost Top Features

Access blocked websitesEnjoy safe P2P torrenting
Unblock streaming servicesStream sporting events
Play region-locked gamesGet better deals online

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CyberGhost is well-equipped to protect gamers no matter where they are in the world. It uses AES encryption, a no-log policy, a built-in firewall, IP leak protection, kills switch, and many more. It allows torrenting and P2P traffic as well.

And even if you’re new to using a VPN, you’ll feel at ease with its simple, easy to use interface. You can also connect up to 7 devices and use these simultaneously, and if you need help with your account or for any technical concern, contact their customer service available 24/7.


✅ With a wide network of protected servers up to 6100+

✅ Uses NAT firewall for enhanced security

✅ With increased speeds and very low latency which are perfect for gaming

✅ Offers up to 7 device connections simultaneously

✅ With up to 45-days guarantee


❌ You must pay more for No Spy


PrivateVPN logoPrivateVPN is quite small when it comes to its infrastructure, but it has made its name for being able to gain access to the hardest sites with region-restricted content. It has a small number of servers, but despite their limited number, these can provide faster speeds and unlimited bandwidth, which are perfect for gaming.

PrivateVPN has a higher uptime up to 99.98% compared to other VPNs and is compatible with popular platforms like Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and different routers.

PrivateVPN Top Features

Unlimited speedZero logging
Unlimited server switches30-day money-back guarantee
Anonymous torrentingServers in 52 countries

Try PrivateVPN Today!

PrivateVPN offers a no-logs policy and has the most efficient AES encryption and secure VPN privacy protocols to protect its users. It has a seamless, easy to use interface plus its customer support will be more than happy to help you out.


✅ Efficient security and data privacy

✅ Top-quality network using its tier 1 ISP privilege

✅ HD streaming and torrenting is possible

✅ You can ask your setup to be done remotely

✅ With a 30-day money-back guarantee


❌ Only has a few servers (150+ only)


One of the pillars of online gaming is VPNs. This allows you to avoid DDoS attacks and IP bans. Get your hands first on the most exciting releases as beta testers, avoid geo-restrictions, and enjoy a wholesome gaming experience. All with a single VPN service!



Will my gaming speeds increase with a VPN service?

You can experience increased connection speeds if your ISP provider is throttling the connection. But most of the time, connecting to a VPN will reduce your internet connection because of the VPN’s encryption.

Is it possible to use a free VPN instead?

No, free VPNs are very slow and have limited bandwidth and have data caps. Free VPNs will not be able to block restricted gaming content for you. You must only rely on any of the top gaming VPNs we have on our list.

Can I get banned when using a VPN when playing online games?

A gaming site can block or ban your IP address if it notices anything alarming. If this happens to you, you can always change your IP and log in once more to play.


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