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We accept articles from knowledgeable writers who have some important bit of information to share with readers. So if you feel like our readers could benefit from your expertise or unique insight, we will be more than happy to review your pitch and publish your article on our site.

We do ask, however, that your post be entirely original and that it be related to the subjects of internet privacy, cybersecurity, identity theft and the other topics that we cover on our site. It will certainly save you and us some time if you reviewed the site before submitting your pitch to make sure it fits our style and is appropriate for our audience.

We value quality over quantity when it comes to the content published on [site name], so please only submit your best work. Below are our guidelines that will help you do just that.

How to Propose Your Submission

Please do not send us your pitch if you wish to sell us something or promote a product or service. Loss of Privacy is exclusively there to enrich users and provide them with information that is indeed valuable and useful to them, so we ask that you respect that.

Originality is one of our top priorities in a guest post, so please make sure that your pitch is your own, has not been covered a million times already and is on a genuinely interesting topic.

Our editorial team is very busy and we process numerous pitches and guest post ideas every day, so please allow us some time to get back to you. Note that if your pitch blatantly disregards our requirements, it will be rejected. Please use the contact form or the email address provided on this page to send us your pitch.

What We Would Like Your Article to Have

We will only accept content that is 100% original and has not been published anywhere else. Please do not pitch to us if you are already pitching your article to some other site at the same time. We will therefore also not accept plagiarized content or rewrites of other people’s work

Another thing that we kindly ask you to avoid is hyperlinks that are irrelevant to the subject of the article. We will remove such hyperlinks from your post.

Another point we would like to make is regarding the grammar, formatting and style of your guest post. Please only submit your writing after you have double-checked it for spelling mistakes, typos, and factual errors. Posts must be written in the third person and in a neutral tone.

Sales pitches and content that is clearly written for marketing or promotional purposes will be disregarded.

What we would like to see is a well-structured article, with a clear subject that readers will have gained something useful from by the time they reach the end. We are looking for a fresh perspective, new information, handy tips and tricks or invaluable insight that won’t be found elsewhere.

Everyone’s time is of value, so let’s not waste yours, ours, or that of our readers by dealing with useless content.

If you wish to write for us please contact us at business@lossofprivacy.com or by using the contact form.

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